International Parenting & Health Institute to Become a Nonprofit Organization

OJAI, Calif., Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since 2009 the International Parenting & Health Institute (IPHI) has been at the global forefront of holistic coaching via parenting and health education, offering comprehensive, evidenced based and cutting-edge training, preparation and support for professionals who are passionate and dedicated to helping adults and children overcome various health and lifestyle challenges. IPHI’s commitment and devotion to positively transforming lives and evolving humanity has led them to expand their holistic education to 59 countries worldwide in 10 different languages.

In an effort to continue creating a tremendous impact, further their mission, ensure financial transparency and make their education more widely available to underserved communities, IPHI is officially transitioning to a nonprofit organization as of January 2023!

IPHI’s mission is to positively transform lives and evolve humanity by delivering integrative, cutting-edge, evidenced-based health and lifestyle education for professionals, parents and non-parents. They do this through holistic coach career training, parenting and non-parenting workshops, products and services utilizing their unique integrative learning approach designed to support and empower parents, non-parents and the professionals who work with them. This includes research and development, community advice and advocacy.

International Parenting & Health Institute also aims to directly offer struggling parents and non-parents, who are seeking support to help them overcome a variety of health and lifestyle challenges they face throughout their parenting and non-parenting journey with premium quality online educational classes.

If you are seeking a professional parenting or health coach career, you’ll receive holistic education, support and business training through our online courses that will allow you to start a successful coaching or consulting business as a baby planner, eco-consultant, adult sleep coach, pregnancy and child sleep consultant, pre-postnatal nutrition coach, breastfeeding educator, health and lifestyle coach, and much more. 

If you are seeking support and education to help you or your loved ones overcome any health or parenting challenges, IPHI provides a variety of classes and support groups.

IPHI’s educational continuum is designed assist, empower and deliver effective long-term results. Their online learning format allows for participants to easily connect and learn globally from the comfort of their home. In our efforts to be as accessible as possible to those in need, their parenting and non-parenting class-based programs and support groups will be free of charge for pregnant teens, domestic violence and child abuse survivors and donation based for the underserved community.

IPHI’s founder, Mar De Carlo’s decision to transition IPHI to a nonprofit organization supports their efforts to help struggling parents improve their overall wellbeing, so they can create a more effective and positive interactions with their child, which will not only improve their relationship, but will also improve the functioning of the child and the family as a whole, while also optimally educating the professionals who serve them. As a result, it helps to prevent domestic violence, child abuse, mental disorders and minimize the health and lifestyle challenges that can arise from the modern-day struggles and stresses parents face.

Mar De Carlo is a 48-year-old Hispanic professional who was born and raised by her Hispanic immigrant family who was low-income living in NYC. Growing up, she lived in a one-bedroom apartment with her mom, dad, brother and sister and began working from a very young age. Education became her opportunity to achieve what her parents could not along with hard work. She worked three jobs during college to make ends meet and she is also a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence. She became unexpectedly pregnant in an unmarried relationship and experienced being a single mother. She is very passionate about providing education and resources in whatever capacity possible to support others especially in underserved communities who are experiencing similar struggles to what she underwent. She is International Parenting & Health Institute’s primary spokesperson. As the organization grows, they will add more speakers to our roster.

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