Innovative Compression Underwear Assists with Mild Urinary Incontinence and Prolapse

MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SRC Health, a world leading manufacturer of evidence based maternity compression garments for the relief of pain during pregnancy and faster recovery after delivery, has just released SRC Restore, its foray into the continence category for women.

“What makes this revolutionary is the way in which it assists women with Mild Stress Urinary Incontinence and Mild Urinary and Uterine Prolapse by activating their pelvic floor muscles, effectively minimizing and/or preventing leaks rather than being a traditional adult continence products that is focused on leakage absorption,” said Sinead O’Donovan, the founder and Managing Director of the 12 year old company that has effectively pioneered the use of compression garments for pregnancy through to the 4th trimester periods.

With stress urinary incontinence affecting millions globally and an estimated 23.1% of American women over 40 according to the Coyne et al., 2009 study1, SRC Health is hoping its latest innovation will bring relief to a large number of women and increase awareness around pelvic floor health.

The research conducted by SRC Health during the product development phase showed 70% of respondents had a statistically significant improvement in their Urinary Incontinence Questionnaire score and their Quality of Life showed a statistically significantly improvement by 37%. SRC Restore has just been added to their online store

“After having five babies and suffering light bladder leakage, I was keen to give them a go. My lower back is supported and while wearing this garment I no longer need to wear a panty liner, for the leaks. It has given me the confidence to sign up for an exercise class with other mums, without the fear of wetting myself. This is something I would have never done before SRC Restore. I no longer fear coughing, sneezing, or laughing. It’s so nice to go out and know that I won’t have damp knickers, and I can just enjoy myself and get on with living my life. I highly recommend this product.”
Vicky A. – Victoria, Australia

The garment has a number of similarities with the other products in the SRC compression range; sweat wicking properties, quick drying fabric, patented Anatomical Support Gusset Panel and the ‘100 Wash Test’ to ensure a long wearing, non-pilling garment.

O’Donovan emphasizes that SRC Restore is less likely to work for those experiencing higher levels of incontinence and prolapse issues. She encourages women to try the garment and assures the same “100% Money Back Guarantee” is extended to SRC Restore when products are purchased through the company website.

1Coyne KS, Sexton CC, Thompson CL, et al. The prevalence of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in the USA, the UK and Sweden: results from the Epidemiology of LUTS (EpiLUTS) study. BJU Int 2009;104:352–60  [Crossref], [PubMed], [Web of Science ®], [Google Scholar]

About SRC Health:  SRC Pregnancy and Recovery garments were designed by women for women, in consultation with an obstetrician and are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. The range includes Pregnancy, Recovery, SurgiHeal and Sport and most recently Restore with products being sold online and through selected health care professionals. 

Sinead O’Donovan
SRC Health
0402 072 843


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