Innovations Presents FA22 Collection, Botanic

NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Botanic draws inspiration from natural materials and plants, stripping down to essential elements to showcase the raw, unconcealed nature and unique beauty of materials like sisal, linen, and recycled yarns. The 11 wallcoverings in the FA22 collection highlight the allure of ornate textures found in nature and add depth and warmth to any room.

The collection explores natural materials like wood and cork and tiled patterns, alongside elevated vinyl wallcoverings that mimic the look of natural fibers. Traditional techniques like weaving, painting and dyeing by hand are incorporated throughout the collection, adding to the organic look and feel of each wallcovering.

The beauty of raw linen is explored in Normandy, Flanders, and Holland, which each explore different weaving techniques from a tight chevron to a loose weave. Similarly, the organic texture of sisal is explored in the traditional natural weave of Agave which features a new contemporary color palette of soft blues, greens and neutrals.

New approaches are used to add color to raw materials, achieving softer pastel hues and earth tones. This is most evident in the cork wallcovering Whistler, which goes through multiple rounds of dye to achieve a muted look while retaining the natural cork feel.

Tilework has been used for centuries as a simple way of assembling materials and creating interesting patterns. Traditional tiles are interpreted in new ways, using the rough beauty of raw materials to form statement wallcoverings in bold patterns that are deceptively simple. Bloque features long strips of shaved wood that are dyed by hand and arranged in geometric forms of varying directions, generating movement and interest. The geometric pattern in Lido was developed from a hand painted watercolor mosaic that has been transferred to a digital format for printing and then printed on yarns that are individually glued to the backing. Framework weaves a structured tiled pattern out of recycled cellulose and paper yarns, adding new depths of texture to the subtle metallic design in an eco-friendly option.

We are excited to introduce a PVC free vinyl alternative, Bursa, which is composed of 20% recycled material and Olefin composite in a striking texture reminiscent of raw silk. Another elevated Type II vinyl with a textile-like finish, Anvers, is a groundbreaking faux version of our best-selling linen Antwerp, made using a special embossed roller that took two years to develop to accurately recreate the delicate natural draping and pleating of linen. The textured weave of grasscloth is the inspiration for the Type II vinyl Ramina, with a robust color palette that complements the collection’s statement wallcoverings.

The wallcoverings in this collection are unpretentious in their beauty. They tell the story of the earth and illustrate how natural textures possess the ability to stimulate closeness with nature. Recreate the peaceful atmosphere of spending time in nature and design a warm and welcoming space with a grounding connection to the outdoors with Innovations FA22 Collection, Botanic.

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Jennifer Dombkowski

SOURCE Innovations