In Celebration of “Orgasm Day” The Cellular Medicine Association Offers a Free Course, The Female Orgasm System

FAIRHOPE, Ala., July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The international holiday, Orgasm Day, July 31, was intended to bring attention to all of the following:

  1. There is an “orgasm gap,” even with the best of medicine, with a higher percentage of women than men who suffer distress because of the inability to experience orgasm.

  2. Around 40% of women suffer anorgasmia at some time in their life—and the percentage is higher in younger women. Even though only about 1/2 of those who suffer are bothered by the condition, that still leaves around 20% of women, or about 1 in 5, who suffer psychological distress at some point in their life because of difficulty with orgasm.

  3. Music and food are sometimes called “orgasmic” because orgasm is considered to be the ultimate pleasure; but orgasm is not just about pleasure. Research shows that orgasm helps relieve depression, deepen sleep, and strengthen love relations.

Dr. Charles Runels, MD (called the “Orgasm Doctor” by Cosmo Magazine) offered the following as one explanation for the continued orgasm gap:

“One significant hurdle to treating female orgasmic dysfunction,” said Dr. Runels, “is that, unlike with respiratory disease, cardiac disease, or neurological disease, systems analysis is not routinely taught to physicians in regards to orgasm and sexual function.

“A system is a group of components that work together to accomplish a purpose. Systems analysis is critical for diagnosis and treatment. For example, dyspnea could be from profound anemia, cyanide poisoning, a foreign body in the trachea, or anxiety. Only by understanding the respiratory system does one make the proper diagnosis and prescribe the proper treatment. Without systems analysis, one might prescribe bronchodilators for everyone with dyspnea; and the person with dyspnea secondary to anemia would conclude bronchodilators do not work.

“In every field of medicine, in engineering, and in business, systems analysis is critical. Moreover, every child sees a chart of the ‘Respiratory System’ and the ‘Cardiovascular System’ on the wall of their classroom by the time they are ten years old. But, one can go completely through medical school and learn the Orgasm System; the term is not even used; that lack of education is one reason the orgasm gap continues,” said Dr. Runels. “Without systems analysis, there cannot be optimal diagnosis and treatment of orgasmic dysfunction.

“There is overlap, but overlap does not imply identical. For example, the blood vessels compose an important part of both the Circulatory System and the Respiratory System, but the two systems are different even though they share components. Similarly, the Reproductive System and the Orgasm System share components but are not the same.”

Dr. Runels, the inventor of the O-Shot® procedure, author of multiple research papers and books, and first to use the terminology “Female Orgasm System,” is offering an online seven-week course teaching the Female Orgasm System in hopes of narrowing the orgasm gap.

“Offering this course as a gift to those who care for women seems to be a useful way to celebrate Orgasm Day,” said Dr. Runels. “After caring for over 5,000 women for more than two decades and teaching thousands of physicians in over fifty countries (and, more importantly, being taught by many of those same women and physicians), I would have to be stupid not to notice a few things; and, I would be selfish if I did not offer back some of what was noted.”

Physicians, physician extenders, and sex and family therapists can apply for free admission to the Female Orgasm System course at

The course is sponsored by the Cellular Medicine Association (CMA). Physicians of the CMA conduct research and consult regarding the areas of esthetics, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, orgasmic dysfunction in women, lichen sclerosus, & other treatments for many other problems—using cellular therapies and regenerative therapies, especially blood-derived growth factors, including platelet-rich plasma.

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