HidrateSpark Expands Smart Water Bottle Line by Adding a Flip Lid to the Collection, The Newest Must-Have Design That Seamlessly Tracks Hot and Cold Beverages.

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the fall season upon us and warm drinks on our mind, the award-winning leader and smart water bottle pioneer HidrateSpark is expanding its product offerings by launching the HidrateSpark™ PRO 21oz Insulated Flip Lid Smart Bottle. Designed specifically with the coffee and tea consumer in mind, it’s the only bottle of its kind engineered with advanced smart bottle technology that dynamically tracks your hydration throughout the day with both hot and cold drinks.

The all new HidrateSpark PRO Insulated Flip Lid Smart Bottle will keep your coffee or tea hot up to six hours, and your water cold all day long – all while enabling you to keep track of your daily hydration goals with glowing reminders and smartwatch notifications. Additionally, the new Flip Lid accessory is now available for current HidrateSpark PRO users to purchase separately and use with their current 17, 21, or 32oz insulated bottles. Allowing current users to enjoy hot beverages in their bottles for the first time. The Flip Lid is leak-proof while in the closed position, and perfect for on the go.

“Our hydration equation and sensor technology is what makes HidrateSpark uniquely different and turns just a plain ordinary water bottle into a smart one that lights up and glows to help you beat dehydration,” said Coleman Iverson, Co-CEO of HidrateSpark. “Now we are extending our smart bottle technology to our newest product, HidrateSpark PRO Flip Lid, in order to give consumers the smartest way to stay properly hydrated all day long.”

Trying to stay hydrated is no easy task. More than 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, leading to fatigue, weight gain, kidney disease, and dry skin. HidrateSpark uses a combination of physiological and biological factors to dynamically generate and recommend how much each customer needs to drink each day to maintain proper hydration.

The all-new HidrateSpark PRO Flip Lid is the first lid thoughtfully designed to be interchangeable between the 17, 21, and 32oz insulated bodies. Allowing for flexibility between hot and cold liquids and modularity between the PRO product line. In addition, the upgraded free HidrateSpark App will allow customers to track coffee and tea, as well as water. Customers can view their consumption breakdown and also choose if they want their morning caffeine intake to count towards their hydration goal.

Customizable glows allow you to make this bottle your very own – choose from a variety of eight complimentary glow colors. Customers can also purchase Glow Studio for the ultimate personalization of their very own glows. And with ‘Find My Bottle’ customers will make losing their water bottle a thing of the past.

The HidrateSpark PRO 21oz Insulated Flip Lid Smart Bottle sells for $69.99 and is available in Black, Deep Blue and Brushed Stainless Steel. Each HidrateSpark PRO bottle comes with a rechargeable sensor puck that connects wirelessly to the HidrateSpark App, available as a FREE download on the App Store or Google Play Store. The Flip Lid accessory is available for $9.99 in Black or Grey.

To join HidrateSpark’s community of wellness-minded individuals and experience life fully hydrated, find HidrateSpark at www.hidratespark.com.

Jillian Trimbach

SOURCE HidrateSpark