Headed Out Again? Your Personal Fashion Stylist Is Just a Zoom Call Away – Customized Image and Style Advice at Your Convenience: ‘Style for Substance’

WASHINGTON, June 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Style for Substance (SfS – https://styleforsubstance.com/) announced the official launch of its video consultancy, offering a web-based service that allows people to browse and choose their personal stylist or image consultant. SfS curates an experienced and exceptional team from across the nation, all prepared to help clients create looks tailored to their goals using Zoom.

Speaking about the guiding concept for SfS, Susan Janeczko said:

"I built SfS to answer that age-old question, ‘How do I look?’ in a new way. SfS is a completely customer-focused personal styling service. Between my work responsibilities and social life, I repeatedly found myself wishing I had a really cool, stylish friend to give me a little bit of polish before I went out the door. Someone to help me with things like color, fit, and accessories, too. Now you can get that advice, at your convenience and from an expert, without being pressured into buying a bunch of clothes you don’t need or won’t use. It’s so easy—just select a stylist and a time for your Zoom call. That’s it. We schedule appointments for as little as 10 minutes to accommodate even very busy schedules and frugal budgets."

What can clients expect from the SfS experience?

"We are constantly told that looking great requires spending a bundle and throwing out everything to start over with some mythical perfect items of clothing. SfS consultations encourage you to creatively use what you already have. Your stylist will help you tweak and personalize your look to become the best it can be. And if you do require something new, we can help you find it. I noticed that, when someone is financially rewarded for recommending that you buy clothing, it’s really difficult to know whether those recommendations are in your best interests; so we accept no money from clothing manufacturers or retailers. We simply try to meet our clients where they already are and boost their confidence by polishing their look and helping them shine. Clients can return to us again and again, building a styling relationship with their favorite consultants, so they’ll always have the best styling and image advice whenever they want, wherever they are."

Learn more about the Style for Substance experience by going online. Or visit them: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

About Style for Substance

Style for Substance is a team of expert, honest, and fun personal stylists and image consultants who do live consulting work via Zoom video sessions. With a strong belief in the importance of sustainability, Style for Substance help clients optimize what they already have to make a great first impression for a date, job interview, work presentations, high-stakes meetings, or public events. And if clients need help finding a new garment or shoes to round out their wardrobe, Style for Substance can help with that, too. SfS is accepting applications/CVs from personal stylists and image consultants looking to join our growing SfS team of experts.

Learn more at: www.StyleForSubstance.com.

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Susan Janeczko, Founder


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