Gsport Provides Elite Support for Its Customers — Literally

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gsport is a sports care brand that operates out of the Zhejiang province in Eastern China. It has spent the better part of two decades researching quality sports care solutions, particularly in the areas of kinesiology tape and cohesive bandages. These products are aimed at supporting muscles and joints in order to provide a positive and healthy experience for those participating in athletic competitions as well as other medical and even veterinarian needs.

Gsport’s efforts over the decades have resolutely remained fixed on the company’s vision to create “exceptional quality sport and therapy products, that provide the protection and support required to help our customers perform their best.” Nowhere is this commitment to protection and support better exemplified than in the brand’s line of kinesiology tapes and cohesive bandages.

The brand’s kinesiology tapes are specifically designed to support muscles and joints throughout demanding athletic activities. The company prioritizes science and technology in its R&D and thoroughly implements these disciplines throughout the production process as well.

This has allowed them to develop a tape that is self-adhesive without leaving behind an unpleasant residue or excessively sticking to hair or skin. The brand’s tapes are highly elastic and made with breathable cotton fabric that is manufactured to be both lightweight and sweatproof. It comes in pre-cut shapes, can be self-cut to a specific size if needed, and can even be purchased in a variety of colors that include bold options like pink, orange, and yellow

Along with its powerfully effective kinesiology tapes, Gsport also has a line of cohesive bandages. Rather than supporting and preventing injury, these are designed to address existing hurts and wounds.

Much like the kinesiology tape, the company’s bandages are made with an elastic fabric that can be applied directly to the skin. The bandage clings to itself — without sticking to the skin — all on its own. It can also be torn by hand, once again making it an excellent option to have on hand in the event of an emergency.

Gsport’s kinesiology tape focuses on preserving and enhancing existing athletic ability. Its cohesive bandages aim to restore an individual’s athletic prowess as quickly as possible. In both cases, the products provide an elite level of support that has revolutionized the physical activity of countless individuals across the globe.

About Gsport: Gsport focuses on the sports care market as well as providing tapes and bandages for the larger medical and veterinarian health and wellness industries. It is an offshoot of Hangzhou GSPMED Medical Appliances Co., Ltd. which operates out of a state-of-the-art 230,000 square-foot facility in Eastern China.

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