Growing the Gift of Connection – ‘High Performance Garden Show’ Focuses on Shared Gardening as a Way to Reconnect After Long Pandemic Lockdowns

PAONIA, Colo., April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Living Farm ( officially announced the release of its popular free gardening series, the “High Performance Garden Show,” now in its sixth year. The series features organic gardening professional Lynn Gillespie in an intensive, 33-week adventure that explores growing a high-performance garden using only 128 square feet, less than 15 minutes a day, and Lynn’s special techniques perfected over 35 years of farming. The “High Performance Garden Show” is part of the educational outreach program featured by The Living Farm – an organic farm dedicated to teaching fun and easy farming activities that are equally suited for the beginning urban gardener, homesteader, and pro farmer alike. The series is freely available to anyone who registers online.

“This year I wanted to focus on the importance of gardening as a social activity – a way to connect with others – by getting people back to the earth,” said Lynn. “My ultimate goal is to get multiple generations gardening together, using the simple but highly effective system I created. My father said to make this world a better place than how I found it, so the ‘High Performance Garden Show’ is my way of fulfilling my dad’s request. And the show is far more than just gardening tips. We also talk about a variety of important topics like life, love, death, connection, and commitment. It’s our gift back to the world. I want to show how I can teach anyone to produce plenty of food working just 15 minutes a day, without breaking a sweat. And through the series, we also hope you’ll learn to love gardening as much as we do – then sharing what you’ve learned with others.”

The 2021 High Performance Garden Series

Topics explored in this year’s series include:

  • How to grow enough food for 2-3 people with only a 15-minute daily commitment.
  • How to grow food valued at over $2500, using only 128 square feet (the size of three king-sized beds).
  • Instruction on creating completely organic gardens and how to maintain them.
  • Instruction on giving garden plants a powerful bug and disease resistance.
  • Increasing the nutrient density of the plants grown in each garden.
  • Weed-free gardens that are both beautiful and fun to work for the whole family.

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Lynn Gillespie, owner

SOURCE The Living Farm