Grassroots Initiative Intends to Help Restore Nation’s Confidence in the Boy Scouts of America

PRINCETON, N.J., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Why Scouting Matters, a grassroots organization established by three veteran adult Scouters – today announced the launch of its website The initiative seeks to generate one million signatures and 10,000 personal stories from individuals who believe that the Boy Scouts of America has had a positive influence on their lives, their communities, and the nation.

According to one of organization’s co-founders, California-based attorney James Pooley, “The Boy Scouts of America is currently fighting for survival, as a result of societal trends, the pandemic and the abuse litigation. So we’re calling on all those who believe that Scouting is worth saving to step up by signing our petition and telling their stories on our website. We will use the collective strength of those voices to promote Scouting at national and local levels, to educate the public and the media regarding the enduring value of Scouting.”

Mr. Pooley stressed that Why Scouting Matters is an independent initiative, and has not been funded, staffed or influenced in any way by The Boy Scout of America. “In fact, this movement is important for that reason; because Scouting has not been allowed to aggressively defend or promote itself over the past several months, as a result of legal and financial restrictions related to its current situation.”

Why Scouting Matters was founded on the belief that, for more than a century, Scouting has played an important role in American culture; provided a clear and compelling set of personal values to live by; and shaped the lives and destinies of millions of young men and women in a positive manner.

The website’s online petition states: “The Boy Scouts of America has had a positive influence on my life. I believe Scouting matters. It must be preserved for the good of our nation, and for the personal values, self-confidence and leadership training it will provide for future generations.”

Why Scouting Matters has already generated several petition signatures and submissions of compelling Scouting-related stories; notably a positive endorsement from a long-time Scouter who was an abuse victim as a Scout in the 1970s. Raising three sons as Boy Scouts, he noted that, “as a Scouting family, we have a lifetime of memories together.”

Mr. Pooley said, “We’re appealing to all current and former Scouts, Scouters, family members and community leaders who believe in Scouting as strongly as we do. They need to show their support right now, because this may be our last opportunity to save Scouting.”  

About Why Scouting Matters
Why Scouting Matters is an independent grassroots organization, founded in 2021 by James Pooley, Mike S. Malone and Gordon G. Andrew, and dedicated to saving Scouting for future generations. Through its website, the initiative seeks to collect petition signatures and compelling stories that validate the importance and influence of Scouting in America. To show your support and your story, visit

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