Global Multilingual Meeting Platform, Kudo, Powers Online Movement to Recognize U.N.’s International Day of Peace on Facebook

NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KUDO Inc., the cloud-based multilingual conference platform founded in the belief that language is the basis of inclusivity, is leading a charge to recognize the UN’s International Day of Peace on September 21st with a new movement on Facebook. Connecting people through @WorldPeaceDay: KUDOConnects, social media users are invited to post a photo of themselves holding their fore and middle finger in the V-shape of a peace sign and caption it with ways they make peace in their own lives. The initiative also requests that on September 21st, social media users replace their existing profile picture with a global flag-covered peace icon to contribute to building a culture of peace and inclusivity, to share the sentiment and to pay it forward. Because the cofounders of KUDO have worked for and with the UN for the past 25 years, they have a special place in their hearts for this initiative.

Each year, multiple worldwide events celebrate this UN-sanctioned holiday established in 1981 by United Nations Resolution. To further the cause, the UN announces annual peace themes; in 2019 Climate Action for Peace, 2020 Shaping Peace Together and the 2021 theme is The Road to Lasting Peace. The UN’s resolution for World Peace Day notes: "inclusivity requires all parties in a conversation be represented, heard and integrated."

"By connecting people on this Facebook page and giving them the space to ‘speak their peace,’ KUDO hopes to advance the UN’s mission of international unity," said KUDO’s CEO and cofounder, Fardad Zabetian. "How do you create an inclusive world? We are in the business of breaking down communication barriers and believe that the power of inclusivity lies in communication."

Interpretation industry insiders, Fardad Zabetian, who redesigned the fabled UN Assembly Hall and Cofounder and Chief Language Officer of KUDO, Ewandro Magalhães, who left his job as the Chief Interpreter of the UN’s ITU to technologize interpretation for the first time in history, together created a new economy for interpreters throughout the world. KUDO, who announced their Series A funding this Spring,is used by NATO, AirBnB, Amazon AWS, and the U.S. Air Force.

About KUDO: Created by the engineers and language experts who built interpretation infrastructure and linguist teams for the United Nations and some of the most significant global summits and meetings, KUDO is a cloud-based video conferencing platform with real-time multilingual interpretation in 100+ languages and 147 sign languages. KUDO supports more effective and inclusive meetings by enabling people, governments, and businesses to overcome communication barriers and speak their own language. Accessible from anywhere, on any device, KUDO redefines possibilities in global communication. KUDO Inc. is a New-York based technology startup founded and managed by language and conferencing industry insiders looking to bring people together.

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