Give Mom the Gift of Health and Time

Give her Basquettes – invented by a mother-daughter team in the Colorado mountains

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Show mom how much you value her time and her health by giving her a faster, easier and healthier way to cook and grill.  Give her a set of Basquettes, The Everything Basket, that she can use to air-fry, crisp, roast, rotisserie, dehydrate, grill, smoke and cool all her favorite foods.  The patent-pending design allows grease and fats to drip away from food for healthier eats while also promoting air circulation for faster cooking times. 

Cooks love Basquettes because they turn a convection wall oven into a high-capacity air fryer. Furthermore, the elevated design enables rapid cooking and roasting of multiple levels of food with 50% less grease than sheet pan cooking.  Grill masters love Basquettes because they can be used as grill baskets for seafood and veggies, or they can be used to turn a standard grill into a fast smoker or a rotisserie.  Your mom will end up reaching for Basquettes to make everyday meals and snacks, as well for elaborate dinner party feasts.  

Basquettes is comprised of two multi-functional and multi-positional nesting baskets, each of different heights, that feature removable and adjustable tops, plus patent-pending intertwining legs. Users can easily stack, flip and cook multiple levels of different foods at the same time.  These high-capacity, sturdy baskets replace large appliances and multicookers that take up precious counter and cabinet space like air-fryers, crispers, dehydrators, rotisserie ovens, indoor grills, grill baskets, smokers and more.

The inventors, a mother-daughter team, have been working together since Lauren Wilmot (the daughter on the Basquettes team) was 11. She explains, "The original idea behind Basquettes was to create an oven air-fry basket set that could be stacked and flipped in any direction as opposed to buying a bulky, space-hogging air-fryer with a tiny, flimsy basket.  However, as we built numerous prototypes, we kept changing the design and expanding the functionality so now you can accomplish 8 different cooking and grilling goals with this tool."

"Now you can use Basquettes: (1) as an oven air-fryer to make large amounts of your favorite foods like chicken and veggies; (2) as a crisper basket to make French fries and potato chips; (3) as an oven roaster – put your poultry or meat in the top basket and your veggies or potatoes in the bottom basket so the juices drip down and flavor your food without it sitting in grease; (4) to dehydrate your favorite veggie chips or jerky using the tops as a layer to make four levels of food at once. The two baskets can also be used together to (5) form a cage so you can rotisserie chicken in your oven or grill without buying a special rotisserie oven or spit," continued Wilmot.

"On the grill, the adjustable tops can be used to hold food in place making Basquettes (6) the perfect veggie grilling basket or seafood grilling basket.  Flip a whole basket of food over in one motion without fear that food will slip through the grates.  You can also (7) turn your grill into a fast smoker by using the baskets with the legs on and slipping a foil packet of hardwood under them – think instantly great Game Day chicken wings!  Of course, you can also use Basquettes as (8) a cooling rack for chocolate chip cookies – that’s a fun bonus feature!" added Lauren.

The mother-daughter team also developed the MoodClue brand of liquid chalk markers which are great for parties, home, offices, restaurants, store fronts and weddings. Kids and adults love to use MoodClue markers, available on Amazon Prime, on whiteboards, glass boards, mirrors, windshields, bistro boards, etc. The bright colors help you express your creativity whether decorating for a celebration or brainstorming at work. 

"Watch for a new product from us too! This one was inspired by our dogs and some of the challenges we had teaching them to heel. We always have a new idea in the pipeline!" concluded Lauren.

About Basquettes 

Basquettes can be purchased at our website or on Amazon Prime, for the sale price of $135. Basquettes are PFOA and PTFE free, scratch and corrosion resistant, and the stainless-steel construction means the baskets are safe for metal grill tools and dishwashers. 

Lauren Wilmot

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