From Revolt to Revival: Iran Uprising Causing Explosive Growth in Underground Church

As women in Iran fight against the oppression of Sharia Law, there’s another movement led by women who are facing severe persecution.

NAMPA, Idaho, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The death of Mahsa Amini is causing many Iranians to search for the one true God, leading to exponential growth in the underground church, states Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM), a leader in disciple-making ministry specific to the Middle East. As unrest grows and people begin to question the oppression of the Iranian regime, it opens doors for believers to share the Good News with their Iranian brothers and sisters, despite the threat of persecution. 

Movements happen in the most desperate places, and right now, Iran is one of those places. The political upheaval, economic distress, resource scarcity, social unrest, and religious persecution are creating a perfect storm for the Gospel to spread like wildfire inside of Iran.

“Because of what has happened to Mahsa, the people of Iran are searching for the true God,” says Brother X, a leader in the underground church. “The protest isn’t the movement. The real movement is happening under everyone’s noses, through the fastest-growing church in the world.”

The majority of the Christian leaders of this rapidly growing underground church movement are women. Despite the discrimination and persecution they face, these women are willing to risk everything in order to usher in spiritual salvation for their countrymen. Women are constantly under surveillance and face the threat of jail, rape, torture, and even execution. Yet they consider it a joy to suffer for the sake of spreading the Gospel.

Brother X shares that “Jesus is coming through dreams, visions, and power encounters.” According to underground church leaders in Iran, “thousands are seeing the ‘Man in White’, and are coming to Jesus.” God is revealing himself in a powerful way to people who are hungry for an encounter with the true God, and many are being saved.

It is important to note that this movement is not in opposition to the Ayatollah. In fact, according to Brother X, Iranian Christians say that Ayatollah Khomeini is “the greatest missionary in the history of Iran“. He brought Iran into an Islamic theocracy, forcing the people into following strict Muslim laws enforced by government agencies like the “Morality Police.” Because of the violent and oppressive nature of his regime, many Iranians have begun to question Islam. This is opening the door for believers to start conversations and disciple people to Jesus.

Another underground church leader says, “As a ministry, it is our policy to stay out of politics. While we don’t support the evils of the radical Iranian regime, the Bible is clear that we are to love our enemies and we are to pray for our governmental leaders.” GCM encourages people to pray for the salvation of Iranian leaders, as well as their own.

As servants of Jesus, GCM’s primary focus will always be on the life and liberty that comes only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the true Iranian revolution that will take place regardless as to who controls the government.

Please pray for the underground church as they continue the work of making disciples and setting the prisoners free. To learn more about the movement happening in the Iranian underground church, watch Sheep Among Wolves Volume II. You can also partner with GCM in expanding their disciple making ministry by visiting Your generosity will help provide transportation and food supplies, facility rentals, internet access to connect with the global church, and more.

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Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM) is a leader in the disciple-making movement in the Middle East, rapidly transforming Muslims worldwide through Jesus Christ by means of intentional disciple making, church planting, and leadership development. The documentaries, “Sheep Among Wolves Volume 1 and Volume 2“, expose the experiences of GCM underground church leaders as true sheep among wolves.


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