From Battlefield to Beauty: US Army Veteran's Triangle Fragrance Launches Luxury Eau de Parfum Discovery Set for Men and Women

MIAMI, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In time for the holiday season, Triangle Fragrance launched a Discovery Set of its luxurious eau de parfums. The six-piece set features fragrances from the Red, White, and Blue collections, including the smoky “Confidence” and “Victory,” the citrusy “Clarity” and “Energy,” the serene “Peace,” and the sweet smell of “Freedom.” Each scent is housed in a 2ml vial, allowing for multiple sprays.  The notes for each fragrance are detailed on the elegant black box with gold foil lettering.

Triangle Fragrance is the creation of Magda Khalifa, a two-tour combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, who struggled with transition and health issues upon returning from war in 2007.  Over the course of a decade she managed to turn her life around, noting, “Whom better than someone who has seen the darkness of war to create something so powerful, yet so beautiful?”

The decision to develop a discovery set was an adaptive response to changes for retail stores due to COVID-19 regulations.  As stores started to re-open, there was reluctance to allow visitors to touch sampler bottles to experience a new scent. Stores reduced manpower or did not have staff available to safely spray fragrance on visitors. Additionally, the wearing of a mask or the chemicals used to clean the bottles in stores posed interference with the scent discovery. It became apparent that a direct to consumer set would allow for a safe and pleasurable sampling experience.

The Triangle Fragrance Discovery Set is available on, and through Authorized Distributors. Businesses interested in partnering with the next great American brand may inquire by contacting

About Triangle Fragrance

Triangle Fragrance, founded in New York City in 2020, is the first veteran-owned luxury fragrance line for men and women. It features long-lasting fragrances for men, for women, and unisex fragrances. The fragrances are made using plant based alcohol with 18% fragrance oil. They are made in USA, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free, and made without parabens, sulfates, triclosan, phthalates, mineral oil, or dyes. The stunning packaging features a unique story for each fragrance, as well as an elegant collector’s card inside, offering written inspiration and motivation to its owner. 

Magda Khalifa

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