For the Makers of Ultimate Paleo Protein, Transparency Is Everything

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For the team at Tailor Made Nutrition, transparency isn’t just a gimmick or a selling point. It’s an essential element of any honest enterprise. That’s why they haven’t hidden the ingredient list for their groundbreaking Ultimate Paleo product line behind a “proprietary formula.” Instead, the brand has included clear, clean nutritional labels and thorough explanations for its unique beef protein supplements.

Ultimate Paleo Protein was born out of a desire to, in the words of the Tailor Made Nutrition president Jeff Landro, “fill a void in the protein powder market.” Rather than leaning on the all-too-common whey protein option, Ultimate Paleo Protein utilizes beef protein in its powders. Landro further explains that “whey is dairy and can be hard to digest and sensitive to many.”

Instead, Landro’s company has taken an innovative, beefy approach to an otherwise commonplace supplement. This has allowed the creators behind Ultimate Paleo Protein to bring a one-of-a-kind product to the market. Ultimate Paleo Protein is made from grass-fed and pasture-raised beef. It “consists of well-studied ingredients in meaningful amounts.” It mixes easy, is GMO-, hormone-, and antibiotic-free, and is hypoallergenic.

All of this data is readily available to everyone of Tailor Made Nutrition’s customers because the company avidly believes that information is key to consumer decision-making. Hiding ingredients behind proprietary formulas and similar smokescreens tends to feed distrust and damage relationships between companies and consumers.

Landro’s company has fashioned Ultimate Paleo Protein as an honest, transparent alternative to the more common whey protein powders that have saturated the market. The brand has boldly listed its ingredients on its website along with explanations, videos, and other resources in an attempt to educate consumers before they make a purchase.

Landro and his team are well aware of the fact that they are facilitating the health of countless individuals. This burden has pushed them to go above and beyond to ensure that the highest level of transparency is maintained. In the process, the company is setting a new standard of quality, loyalty, and excellence both for protein powder supplements and within the health and wellness market as a whole.

About Ultimate Paleo Protein: The Tailor Made Nutrition brand has operated as a brick-and-mortar store for over 12 years. The company specializes in selling hypoallergenic foods of all kinds. After years of working with clinicians and medical doctors in their local area, the team has gone after a national consumer audience with its unique, beef protein-based Ultimate Paleo Protein label. The products are great for all ages and activity levels.

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