For Some, Compromise Doesn’t Make Sense

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — U.K.-based brand Scence Natural Skincare has made it its mission to prove that it’s possible to create truly effective skincare products that respect the Earth. The family-founded enterprise is tenacious in its desire to deliver on both promises simultaneously — even as the young brand begins to rapidly expand overseas.

The pioneering brand Scence Natural Skincare was born out of a desire to demonstrate that it is, indeed, possible to care for yourself and the environment at the same time. Krista Taylor launched the fledgling business in 2018 and was joined by her sister Mel a year later.

The two siblings had grown up interested in herbal, oil-based, and other natural therapies. By the time they went into business together, they had spent years brainstorming ideas for the company and had even trained together in anatomy, physiology, aromatherapy, massage, and cosmetics.

This put the sisters in a prime position to work together as they labored to develop a line of skincare products that truly rewrote the script when it came to health and wellness. In their own words, their primary goal was to resist the urge to “knock something out for the sake of making a quick buck.” Instead, they focused on creating products that were both sustainable and actually worked.

Krista and Mel spent endless hours working on developing their first product, a uniquely natural deodorant that actually helped address body odor and didn’t just mask it for a few minutes. From there, they branched into other areas, such as face and body balms.

Along the way, the pair strove to stick to the sustainable end of the deal, as well — and came through with flying colors. Their growing product line boasts an eco-friendly label like no other. The products are made with natural and organic ingredients, all of which are plant- and mineral-based. No plastic is used in the packaging. Even the company’s lab remains carbon positive due to things like solar-power and an ambitious tree-planting initiative.

To top it all off, Scence products are also lovingly vegan. They are produced in a cruelty-free manner, developed for everyone, and available to anyone who needed them. This last item has become even more true as the brand has begun to ambitiously expand beyond its local U.K. market in search of a larger international audience. With sustainability, effectiveness, and a message of “no compromise” driving them forward, there’s no knowing how high this brand can fly in the years ahead.

About Scence Natural Skincare: Scence was founded in 2018 in Cornwall, United Kingdom by sisters Krista and Mel. The goal of the company is to create health and beauty products that are both sustainable and effective. You can learn more about their line of natural deodorants as well as face, hand, lip, and body balms at

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