For RD Beauty, Beauty Is In You

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — RD Beauty is a brand on a mission. The cosmetic company specializes in creating luxury eyelash extensions at affordable price points. But RD Beauty is interested in more than simply creating affordable, high-quality cosmetics.

"Beauty is in you," company founder Becky Dornor explains, adding that, "beauty has so many forms." The brand’s name isn’t rooted in shallow terms like "pretty" or "attractive." Dornor opted for the much richer term "beauty," as it’s a concept that everyone can relate to, no matter what their outward appearance may be.

Even though beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, ultimately the source of beauty is a one size fits all concept. According to Dornor, beauty isn’t referring to a specific kind of lash extension or eyeliner that works with everyone. True beauty is below the surface. "We think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself," the owner explains, breaking down the idea that, while cosmetics may be a helpful tool, they should only accentuate the beauty that is already within a person.

Covering up inner insecurities and self-hate with external make-up should never be a solution. Instead, one must have compassion for themselves. They must learn important concepts such as self truth and then match that with cosmetic products that line up with their authentic self.

That’s why RD Beauty doesn’t just offer a handful of extensions. The brand boasts a wide range of over a hundred styles. Each of these accommodates a different eye shape so that there is a perfect solution for each and every customer. "We needed to come up with more variety and give customers options," says Dornor, "so the variety is what I find was lacking in the marketing world."

Along with staple options, like the brand’s popular 9 to 5 Lashes and Madame Wispie Lashes, Dornor personally creates new, often seasonal lashes on a regular basis.

With RD Beauty, quality is key. Its lashes are hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free. They’re also reusable and can work 10, 15, and even 25 times, depending on how well they’re cared for.

Quality combined with efficacy, a diversity of selection, and a low price point makes RD Beauty a great alternative to the generic alternatives available on the market. But what really makes RD Beauty stand out from the crowd is its message. The company stands for a much deeper commitment than merely accentuating outward charm. It is committed to helping others use its cosmetics to reflect rather than hide their inner beauty, confidence, and love. It’s a message that resonates with modern consumers looking for authenticity and meaning in the brands that they patronize.

About RD Beauty: RD Beauty was launched in 2015 in Toronto, Canada by Becky Dornor. After spending time doing makeup for friends and bridal parties, Dornor realized that there was a lack of options in the lash extension market. Her brand offers a wide variety of lashes that give her customers control over their own beauty routine. RD Beauty is represented in dozens of stores across Ontario, Canada and recently entered the U.S. marketplace as well. Learn more about RD Beauty at

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