For Millions of Lesbians, Hope Is Often at The Bottom of a Haystack, and Dr. Lynda Spann Hopes to Change That

DENVER, June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It’s 2:00 a.m. and Jamie is lying awake in bed, tossing back and forth but not wanting to wake her partner, Susan, not from a desire to let her sleep but from the fear that awaking her may lead to yet another argument. Jamie gets up and does a google search for "lesbian couples’ therapists" only to see a search return riddled with porn sites and half a dozen irrelevant search returns. Her desperation increases as she wanders from page to page, her dread growing.

Such is the experience of most lesbian couples in the U.S. where finding help is just as difficult as searching for a needle in the proverbial therapist hay stack, and Jamie is not alone. In the United States, there are upwards of 2.5 million lesbian couples (U.S. Census, other reports).  Clearly there are a significant number of couples who likely need help, yet only a handful of therapists in the U.S. operate solely with a focus on lesbian relationships. No data exists to put an exact number on these specialized therapists, and many straight therapists say they work with gay couples. A quick Google search returns many options but few give a strong impression that they truly understand lesbian couples. This fact illustrates the complex and intimidating work that most couples must go through just to identify the right therapist for them. And unfortunately, many lesbian couples have experienced unsuccessful therapy experiences with straight, well-meaning therapists.

With over 20 years’ experience, Dr. Lynda Spann is a lesbian, and licensed marriage therapist having worked with over 600 couples. Since opening the Lesbian Couples Institute in 2018, she has a success rate of 88 percent.

Her course, Transforming Lesbian Couples (TLC), is a six-week class that allows couples to connect with others doing similar work. Dr. Spann’s course is the first of its kind for lesbian couples, thus discovered.

Research shows that lesbian couples are more emotionally expressive than straight and gay male couples. However, one of the major struggles of a lesbian relationship is the concept of merging. Because of this, most lesbian couples need guidance to create a secure relationship where they are safe to grow individually and together.

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