For Gsport, Performance Is Everything

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The sport and medicine brand Gsport is an internationally recognized company that prides itself on being “the number one choice for self-adhesive and cohesive medical bandages and sport tapes in the sport medicine industry, and within the athletic community.” On top of prioritizing the customer’s experience, Gsport also takes great pains to ensure that its employees are treated with an elite level of respect and care.

Gsport has made it a mission to enable athletic fanatics across the globe to pursue their passions with fervor. The company’s vision is to “provide exceptional quality sport and therapy products that provide the protection and support required to help our customers perform their best.”

This vision has manifested through a unique line of quality adhesive tapes, bandages, and other products. Each item that the brand has developed has facilitated Gsport’s larger purpose of helping its customers tap into the highest level of performance possible.

Some of these products focus on proactive protection, such as the company’s kinesiology tape, which helps to improve performance throughout high-energy activities. Other items, such as its cohesive bandages, help to soothe injuries and shorten recovery time.

Along with this focus on the consumer, Gsport has taken great pains to cultivate a work environment that genuinely benefits its employees. The brand even refers to its staff as “the treasure of enterprises.”

Gsport has brought together these two primary focal points — the customer and the employee — in a corporate culture that:

  • Is human-oriented and helps care for the quality of life of its employees;
  • Puts science and technology first with each and every one of its current and future products;
  • Is quality-centric in its desire to deliver results that truly make a difference.

This mutual attention to the customer and its employees has allowed Gsport to maintain its position as a leader in the sports medicine industry for nearly two decades.

About Gsport: A subsidiary of Hangzhou GSPMED Medical Appliances Co., Ltd., Gsport was launched in 2003. While the brand is focused on the sports care market, many of its products can also be effectively used by veterinarians as well as in the wider medical field. Gsport operates out of a massive 230,000 square foot manufacturing plant located in the Zhejiang province in Eastern China.

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