Flexible Success! Benjamin Atanga, Founder of The Stretch Loft, Launches His Stretch Therapy Mentorship & Certification Program

RIVERDALE, Md., Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Meet the man who practices and teaches the benefits of stretch therapy (helping people release stored tension and improve overall wellbeing.

Benjamin Atanga knows, first hand, about chronic pain. Ten years ago, a training injury left him with extreme chronic pain. First, he tried traditional pain relief. Second, on the advice of an orthopedic doctor, he went to a chiropractor. He even tried massage and physical therapy. All of those methods offered short-term relief, leaving him to suffer with the same lower back and hip pain, daily, for eighteen months. 

One day, mainly by accident, he met a personal trainer with the skill of stretch therapy and booked an appointment. Fifteen minutes into that appointment, he was pain-free and blown away! 

Spurred on by his results, Atanga was determined to discover everything he could about stretch therapy. For three years straight, he devoted his time to research and education about the human body. That led him to receive his certification in stretch therapy and enabled him to take on clients. While in practice, he knew he had found his calling. His clients’ love of the instant results of stretch therapy inspired him to focus solely on spreading this new healing modality.

These days, Atanga owns a brick-and-mortar stretch therapy practice, located in Riverdale, Maryland. He also teaches people how to own and operate their own stretch therapy business. Through coaching, Atanga has found a different passion (a passion founded on teaching others how to release stored tension and succeed with entrepreneurship).

In the last seven years, he has successfully owned and operated several Stretch based studios and trained over 100 practitioners nationwide, equipping them with stretch therapy secrets.

What distinguishes Atanga in the field is his ability to train and certify individuals to become stretch practitioners as well as arm them with the essential and proven business skills to own and operate their very own thriving stretch therapy business. By combining those two components into one training program, Atanga is simultaneously tackling issues from both sides. As a result, his students gain access to years of knowledge, in both areas, in one program.

Atanga says, “To those with zero experience in running your own business: I want to help you become a SUCCESSFUL stretch therapy practice owners. You’ll take pride in helping someone get rid of the pain and discomfort that has suppressed their life.”

Atanga’s story is a testament to the power of stretching and how it can help people reclaim their lives. His passion for helping others feel better and success with entrepreneurship has driven him to create this comprehensive training program. By leveraging his experience, he hopes to give aspiring practitioners the tools they need to become successful practice owners.

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