FaceTory Launches New and Enhanced Skincare Fridge

FULLERTON, Calif., Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†FaceTory, a leading Korean beauty-inspired sheet mask brand, releases their newest addition for skincare organization, the Skincare Fridge- Ice Cream Series. Launching in 3 different colors, the 5-liter mini-fridge is small enough to be placed on nightstands, dressers, and other countertops for personal use. They feature innovative specialties like a built-in LED light, temperature display, silent mode, and more.

“After the success of our first skincare fridge, we knew there were ways we could make it even better,” Janice Chang, Head of Marketing, explained. “And thanks to our customer reviews and comments, we were able to do just that. The Skincare Fridge- Ice Cream Series features all-new functions that anyone would want in a skincare fridge! It’s small enough to fit on a nightstand and still spacious enough to store essential skincare products. It has a built-in LED light, real-time temperature display, a sheet mask organizer, and an eco-friendly/silent mode. Our new mini fridge also takes on a classier appearance with a matte finish and a sleek faux leather handle. We’re extremely excited for this launch because we know our FaceTory Fam will love it!”

The mini-fridge is intended to store skincare products in order to enhance and elevate a normal skincare routine into a spa-like experience at home. Not only does it offer a routine enhancement, but it also offers a simple solution to skincare organization and storage. Overall, the company’s emphasis on the idea of indulging in self-care as a form of self-love is prominent in FaceTory’s culture and is a philosophy that continues to grow as the company develops more products.

The FaceTory Skincare Fridge- Ice Cream series is now available and comes in 3 different colors: Strawberry, Vanilla, and Mint.

About FaceTory:
FaceTory was founded in the U.S in 2016. Powered by skincare lovers, the Korean- American skincare company, understands that not all skin is the same and every face has a different story. FaceTory centers itself on creating gentle, clean, and affordable products that work. Standing by the philosophy that skincare should be approachable, affordable, and functional, they create products that they can confidently recommend to loved ones, especially the FaceTory Fam!

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