Exclusive Product Preview: WYBOT’s Revolutionary Pool Maintenance Tech Unveiled

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — WYBOTICS, a pioneer in the swimming pool cleaning robot industry since 2005, is set to revolutionize pool maintenance with the world debut of its inaugural product lineup at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The WYBOT showcase will feature eight cutting-edge products, each incorporating state-of-the-art technological solutions, with select offerings compatible with groundbreaking technologies.

WYBOT S2: The World’s First Underwater Self Docking and Inductive Charging Cordless Pool Cleaner

One of the stars of the show is the WYBOT S2, hailed as the world’s first pool cleaning equipment with an underwater self-charging station. WYBOTICS, having entered the swimming pool cleaning robot industry in 2005, continues to push boundaries with this innovative creation. The S2 boasts internal high-precision sensors that enable it to cover the entire pool bottom, walls, and waterline with accuracy.

One of the standout features of the WYBOT S2 is its autonomous recharging capability. When the cleaner senses a low battery, it seamlessly navigates back to its charging station, providing a truly hands-free experience for users. Underwater acoustic communication is another breakthrough, allowing users to remotely control the S2 via the WYBOT App, tailoring a personalized cleaning plan.

For pool enthusiasts tired of manual labor and traditional cleaning methods, the WYBOT S2 promises to be a game-changer, ensuring crystal-clear water without the hassle.

WYBOT M2: Visual-Based Dirt Identification for Unmatched Efficiency

The WYBOT M2 takes pool cleaning to new heights with its revolutionary visual-based dirt identification system. Leveraging advanced camera technology, this robotic cleaner can accurately detect and eliminate underwater debris, offering a 10-20 times increase in cleaning efficiency compared to conventional models.

Cloud connectivity and remote control functions further elevate the M2’s capabilities, providing users with unprecedented control over their pool maintenance. The internal brushless motor and high-precision sensors contribute to maximum cleaning efficiency, while the underwater self-charging station ensures that the M2 remains operational without manual intervention. Interchangeable battery is another highlight for your convenience.

The M2’s double-level filtration system and large-capacity filter basket simplify the cleaning process, making it not just efficient but also hassle-free. WYBOTICS has positioned the M2 as the go-to solution for pool owners who seek a comprehensive and technologically advanced cleaning experience.

As WYBOTICS continues to disrupt the swimming pool cleaning industry, these two products showcase their dedication to innovation and user-centric design. The company’s commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, as established since 2005, remains unwavering.

WYBOTICS invites CES attendees to experience the future of pool maintenance at their showcase. Visit their website here for more information on the products and technologies being unveiled at CES 2024.

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WYBOTICS, established in 2005, is a leading player in the swimming pool cleaning robot industry. Under the brand name WYBOT, the company specializes in developing and producing innovative solutions for pool maintenance, aiming to simplify the cleaning process for pool enthusiasts worldwide.