enCOURAGEmenT INK. Releases a New Therapeutic Book on Helping Kids Cope with Trauma

This is the second book in the new self-reflective series for kids and parents and is expected to be released in December. The foreword is written by Mariel Hemingway.

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mariel Hemingway, granddaughter of Nobel-prize winning Earnest Hemingway, academy award nominated actress, author and mental health advocate endorsed the new children’s book written by Dr. Mary C. McCluskey called The Leader of the Parade: An Adlerian Educational Tool for Caregivers and Teachers: An Illustrated Children’s Book and Activity Guide. Her endorsement can be seen here. The book is available on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. Hemingway has also written the foreword of Dr. McCluskey’s next book, Bubbles, Balloons & Birds: A Janetian Educational Tool for Helping Kids Cope with Traumatic Events, An Illustrated Children’s Book & Activity Guide which is expected to come out before Christmas.

The author of this new self-reflective series for kids and parents, Dr. Mary C. McCluskey, is the owner of a group practice in New York City called The Empowerment Opportunity LCSW PLLC as well as a related educational company named enCOURAGEment INK. LLC. Dr. McCluskey teaches social work at New York University and she specializes in treating trauma survivors and is aware of the inequality and racism that exists in our society and wanted to develop new therapeutic ways of addressing these ongoing traumas utilizing the work of different theorists including Dr. Alfred Adler, and in her upcoming book, Dr. Pierre Janet.

Clinicians and researchers have adapted Janet’s work in order to create evidence-based practices for treating trauma. The second book in the series discusses in a parent and child friendly way, different ways to cope with trauma based on Janet’s original trauma theory as well as new understandings in the field.

Through her self-reflective series for kids and parents, Dr. McCluskey hopes to bring back to life different psychologist’s ideas in a fun and engaging way that everyone can understand, not just professionals and academics. By focusing on the different and diverse characters in the book, Dr. McCluskey hopes that the characters’ various struggles will make it easier for kids to discuss their own difficult topics in both therapy and at home. Mental health, wellness and compassion needs to be taught from an early age- that is what these books are designed to do. The books are meant to be interactive and inspire kids to build community, appreciate the planet and each other for all their similarities and differences, as well as inspire discussion between children and adults. These innovative books and their activities will be used as a therapeutic tool in her child therapy practice (http://marymccluskeydsw.com).

Dr. McCluskey is inviting parents to submit their children’s responses to the activity questions in these books. She hopes to write an anthology of the children’s different ideas. Dr. McCluskey says, “Children are the future mental health professionals, let’s get them started early so we can eventually alleviate the existing mental health crisis. I wouldn’t be surprised if a brand-new idea for an intervention came from a child. Let’s hear what they have to say.”

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