Dr. Kayte’s Formulas Launches First of its Kind Product to Support Women with Breast Implants and other Silicone Devices

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Red carpet guests gathered on Thursday evening at Spring Place Beverly Hills to support the launch of Dr. Kayte’s Formulas sponsored by Moyet Rose. The event celebrates the release of a first of its kind product developed by Founder Dr. Kayte Susse for anyone with silicone devices in their body, namely breast implants, to maintain overall health and wellness.

Notable guests in the Los Angeles Health & Beauty community at the launch party included Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Youthfill MD David Hopp, renowned health expert Dr. Daniel Pompa, Dr. Katherine Zagone of Gentera, Dr. Joy Kong of Thea Center for Regenerative Medicine and Rebeca Cuatro of Rejuvenate Wellness. Rachel Slawson representing Miss Teen USA pageant showed support and has previously spoken out on her media channels about concerns over silicone safety. Also present were Hollywood production and distribution executives Eric Peterkofsky and Peter Preis of Entertainment Studios, celebrity host Jezlan Moyet and celebrity photographer Ramon Kirk Twist.

According to Dr. Kayte Susse, there is a need to support health in anyone who currently has silicone devices or wishes to undergo augmentation. Her flagship product "Silicone Support Formula" features a patent pending blend of key nutrients and their cofactors which provide support with special consideration to the immune system, collagen response and detoxification pathways.

This product comes to market at a pivotal time for anyone who has been following recent changes to breast implant safety legislation. Over the last two years the FDA has issued new statements about breast implants following a massive advocacy campaign by women lobbying for stronger warnings and the recognition of a collection of symptoms referred to as "breast implant illness."

On October 27th 2021 the FDA took multiple new actions to strengthen breast implant risk communication and help those who are considering breast implants make informed decisions. 

Among these actions are new labeling for all marketed breast implants that include a boxed warning, the strongest safety warning given to any medical device. Additionally, a patient decision checklist, which must be reviewed with the prospective patient by the health care provider to help ensure the patient understands the risks, benefits and other information about the breast implant device. What this means for plastic surgeons is a new conversation about risks which before now were considered taboo and the need to consult existing patients about their continued overall health as a host to silicone devices.

These health concerns have been the focus of Dr. Kayte Susse’s research as a chiropractor and television host in Los Angeles, Ca. She pursued a medical degree while suffering from chronic mystery illness which led her to explant her silicone breast implants in 2018. Today she is a strong advocate for breast implant safety, strategies for regeneration after chemical exposures and premature ageing. Silicone Support Formula is now available for purchase in medspas in Los Angeles and Miami and on the website www.drkaytes.com.

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SOURCE Dr. Kayte’s Formulas