Dr. Doug’s Balms Is a Fall Runner’s Best Friend

The Health and Wellness Brand’s Natural Topical Skin-Care Solutions Are Ideal Before, During, and After a Run

CARMEL, Ind., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In many areas of the United States, the fall is seen as a season for running. September, in particular, is the perfect time to fall in love with the sport. As temperatures cool and the sun becomes less fierce, it opens up opportunities for runners to spend time outdoors without worrying about dehydration, sunburn, frostbite, or any of the other issues that come with running in more extreme weather.

Even though the fall is a great time to run, it still comes with its challenges. From stretching to chaffing to muscle cramps, runners need to take care of their bodies before, during, and after each run. The bodily maintenance that comes with a running lifestyle is something that is simple and easy for those who use Dr. Doug’s Balms.

Dr. Dougs Balms was co-founded by “Dr. Doug” Strobel, who created his Original Miracle Balm while competing in long-distance races. The neurologist utilized a carefully chosen set of all-natural, all-organic ingredients that continues to consist of beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and peppermint and lavender essential oils.

Building on the initial popularity of his simple yet effective formula, Strobel added a couple of key ingredients to create spin-off products that addressed more targeted symptoms (many of which are shared by runners). The brand’s Magnesium Balm can reduce things like muscle cramping and restless legs caused by a long run. Recovery Balm is a great way to manage pain and inflammation after exercising, too. Miracle Balm + Clear Zinc is even useful for new runners who find themselves managing blisters and chafing.

It doesn’t matter if an individual is a competitive runner gearing up for a long fall campaign or a newbie who decided that the cooler temperatures and beautiful autumn scenery are a good excuse to get in shape. Anyone who wants to run throughout the fall should equip themselves with the tools with which to do so, and Dr. Doug’s Balms is high on the list of products that countless runners already keep on hand. It’s a brand that is helping them go the distance, no matter what season, weather, or circumstances they may find themselves in.

About Dr. Doug’s Balms: “Dr. Doug” Strobel and Natalie Gardner co-founded Dr. Doug’s Balms in Carmel, Indiana in 2016 after finding smashing success with their original “Miracle Balm” solution. The brand’s growing line of skincare products continues to wow customers as it faithfully delivers on its promise to “protect, heal, and restore.” Learn more about the company’s growing collection of skincare products at drdougsbalms.com.

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