“Dance With Me, Baby” Tops Rankings for Mother/Son Dance

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Toni Becker’s song “Dance With Me, Baby” has been named the #1 Mother/Son Dance Wedding Song in two categories by MyWeddingSongs.com, the go-to source for wedding song suggestions. Those categories are “Mom’s Love For Her Son” and “Best Pop Tracks.”

The song’s popularity is no surprise given Becker’s ability to express the bittersweet feeling of a mother letting go of her son through her lyrics and melody. As the mother of two sons herself, Becker poured her love and emotion into “Dance With Me, Baby” to create a precious three-and-a-half minutes for mothers and sons to share on the dance floor. The song, which is available for purchase at www.DanceWithMeBaby.wedding for $25 per wedding, has been described by customers as “perfect” and “exactly how I feel.”

“I know how full my heart is with love for my sons, how proud I am to be their mom, and how bittersweet letting go is,” said Becker.

Matt Campbell of My Wedding Songs praised Becker’s song stating, “‘Dance With Me, Baby’ masterfully captures the deep and unwavering love that a mother feels for her son on his wedding day.”

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Toni Becker, Dove Award nominee, is a talented songwriter, musician, and singer. Her songs capture the truth of this life and the power of its creator. Many of her songs are available on the popular streaming services. “Dance With Me, Baby” is the flagship song of her wedding-centric music site.

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