CUSP Love Horoscope App Launches, Focusing on Real-Life Astrology, Love & Relationships

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áThe developers and astrologers behind CUSP, are excited to announce its worldwide release today. CUSP, the only modern astrology app focused on love, sex, and relationships, is now available on iOS and Android.

While some leading astrology apps use artificial intelligence and equations to come up with horoscopes, CUSP relies on expert human astrologers, lead by Kirah Tabourn, who has years of experience working to create more diverse and accessible spaces within the astrology community, as well as a decade of experience reading charts. Kirah also hosts a hit astrology podcast, The Strology Show, and teaches astrology to students worldwide. She brings deep expertise and thoughtfulness to CUSP’s content as the leader of the app’s team, made up of six astrologers. Users not only receive personalized daily love horoscopes, but can also connect with friends, family, and partners to generate love compatibility reports, including optional sexual compatibility.

"The topics of love and relationships in all their forms have always been so important to me," Tabourn said. "With CUSP, we plan to nourish users with intimate, insightful and intentional content, while fostering a community centered around love in all its fluidity and forms."

Passionate about intersectionality and inclusiveness within the field of astrology, Kirah combines modern and traditional astrological reading styles, bringing creativity and rich spiritual connection to the direction of the astrological content of the app. Her team of astrologers at CUSP helps to create a genuine and holistic experience in the app with a focus on love and intimate connections for all.

CUSP is available now on Apple and Google Play stores.

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