CTK Trucking & Logistics Awarded NYC’s Largest Recycling Contract, Totaling Over $6 Million

The minority-certified, family-owned company is approaching the one-year mark since being awarded the five-year contract in November 2021

NEW YORK, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CTK Trucking & Logistics, a New York City area trucking and junk removal company, is making good on its promises to help NYC area residents, businesses, and governmental operations stay junk-free on the heels of a large recycling contract it was awarded last year. In November 2021, the minority-certified business landed NYC’s largest-ever recycling contract, totaling over $6 million in recycling services.

As part of the contract, New York City’s governmental departments and operations will turn to the company for its junk and debris removal services. Nearly a year into the agreement, CTK Trucking & Logistics has helped keep NYC’s public spaces and departments junk and debris free. The company has also helped the city support the responsible disposal and recycling of a wide range of goods, including construction debris, appliances, and more.

“We are honored to have been designated as NYC’s premier recycling partner,” said Neal Mcleod, president of CTK Trucking & Logistics. “Securing this contract is proof positive of the exceptional service we have offered our neighbors across NYC and the Tri-State region for nearly a decade. We look forward to continuing to serve our city and building a culture of sustainable practices through responsible junk removal and recycling.”

For over seven years, individuals and businesses seeking professional and affordable junk removal, recycling, demolition, and logistics services have relied on CTK Trucking & Logistics. The company was founded by president Neal Mcleod, who, after working in the trucking industry for 15 years, decided to pursue his own business venture.

In a hyper-competitive industry where some peer providers have been in business for nearly 100 years, CTK Trucking & Logistics has sought to differentiate itself with its commitment to exceptional customer service. The company has also gained an impressive customer base one service at a time. The company’s philosophy is that if they can offer outstanding service to a client in one area of trucking, they can eventually gain client buy-in to use CTK Trucking & Logistics for all their trucking and junk removal needs.

The company has also grown thanks to its certification as a Minority Business Enterprise with the City of New York and the State of New York. This designation has allowed the company to gain access to lucrative contracts, including its recent $6 million agreement.

In addition to junk and debris removal and recycling, CTK Trucking & Logistics also offers trucking and logistics services across the Tri-State area.

To learn more about CTK Trucking & Logistics and its junk removal services, visit www.ctktrucking.com.

About CTK Trucking & Logistics

CTK Trucking & Logistics is a family-owned, New York City and State Certified Minority Business Enterprise offering trucking, logistics, demolition, and junk removal services across New York City and the Tri-State area. With over 20 years of collective industry experience, the CTK Trucking & Logistics team is committed to offering competitive pricing, fast service, and exceptional customer service, ensuring its individual and business clients’ trucking and junk removal needs are met. Visit www.ctktrucking.com to learn more.

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