Craig Biorn Nears Completion of His Next Book Bah Bah for Barbara

MIAMI, May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Craig Biorn who released his debut book, Bilan’s Journey of Hope, on April 22nd, 2021 about his wife, Bilan and her incredible past experience as a Somali teenage girl, nears completion of his next book. Bah Bah for Barbara.

During the summer of 1957, a teenage girl named Barbara Luhman competes in the Goodhue County Fair with her 4-H lamb. Choosing a lamb with the commitment of training her for the judging event, Barbara is challenged by some of her family siblings with her goal to win. Determined and competitive, Barbara experiences adventure with her family and lamb. Based on a true story of the Luhman family farm in Goodhue, Minnesota, ‘Bah Bah for Barbara’ is a wonderful family friendly story of growing up on the large family farm, and working towards her goals.

Craig Biorn is an author, entrepreneur, and artist. His upcoming book, Bah Bah for Barbara, is a nonfiction story of his mother, Barbara, as a 16 year old farm girl. Craig grew up in the small town of Zumbrota, Minnesota. He loves to hear his mother’s many stories of her growing up on her family farm. This book is a special joy to Craig as he is working with his mother in writing about her life in the summer of 1957. He even painted the book cover for his final touch.

“The most precious gift I can give to my children and grandchildren are stories of my life carved out of the events from my past. This is a unique and irreplaceable treasure that can be shared with others. Craig is truly an inspiration, investigator and the author of a special summer in my life.” Barbara Biorn Milow

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