Contemporary Card Deck Queeng Partners with Danielle Geathers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's First Black Woman Student Body President

NEW YORK, March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Queeng, the progressive playing card game with a focus on diversity and gender equality, has announced the launch of its partnership with leading female Danielle Geathers, M.I.T.’s first black woman student body president. Following the company’s global success, selling over 50,000 decks of their first edition worldwide and the launch of its second diversity-driven deck, Queeng sought out Geathers to collaborate as they share the same mission of normalizing gender equality and ethnic diversity in everyday life.

In the spirit of why Queeng was created and in honor of International Women’s Day and Diversity Month, from March 8 to April 30 Queeng will be donating a portion of its proceeds of every deck of cards purchased, back to Geathers’ charity of choice, Black Girls CODE.

“Working alongside Queeng is an easy decision for me because I’m a firm believer in taking tradition that no longer represents our progressive society and changing it to be more inclusive,” says Geathers. “It’s deeply valuable for young black girls’ confidence and their self-worth to be seen and taught through everyday things like a simple deck of cards.”

Geathers was inspired as a child by her mother’s driven nature and brings that into her own life as a junior at M.I.T. studying mechanical engineering with a focus in product development. With her strong voice that attracted the likes of Queeng, Geathers also hopes to attend law school so that she can make a difference on an even larger scale. In alignment with her driven nature, she continues to involve herself in M.I.T.’s student government, as well as several charities and now Queeng, that all advocate for underrepresented voices.

The progressive playing card brand aims to make an impact on the way children see the world and more importantly, the way they see themselves. Queeng is confident that the brand’s partnership with Geathers will not only help raise awareness for the brand, allowing the cards to get into the hands of diverse groups of people globally, but it will also significantly aid in their goal of raising funds to contribute to Black Girls CODE. 

About Queeng:
What started as a family project, Queeng playing cards quickly gained global traction through the positive message it sends card players and the subsequent realization that this message will make a great impact. The card game is a take on classic playing cards that functions on a foundation of gender equality and celebrates the progressive mindset. To learn more about the story of Queeng, please click here and to purchase Queen cards, please visit

About Black Girls CODE: 
Founded on the pillars of empowerment and education, Black Girls CODE is dedicated to leveling the playing field for girls of color in STEM. Through our tech education-focused programming and initiatives—designed for girls and young women between the ages of seven to 17—we aim to inspire youth to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures. For more information about Black Girls CODE please visit

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