Childhood Friends Build Networks Through Brunch

RICHMOND, Va., May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Childhood friends Melissa Mason & Lillian Jackson banded together in 2018 to form a Brunch Group – Brown Skin Brunchin’ in their hometown of Richmond, VA. The brunch group has now reached 17 additional cities and connected over 5000 black women over brunch.  The duo set out to create a network of African American women that would provide meaningful and beneficial relationships. They found it difficult to organically network with people over a typical networking event, so they got creative.

The founders met in elementary school in their hometown of Richmond, VA over 30 years ago. They forged a lifelong friendship that would go on to create a massive brunch following. When the two moved to different states when they got older, they found it harder to make new connections with like-minded people. From that need, they sought out to build a network of professional black women. One important thing to the founders was to provide a networking opportunity in a causal laid-back atmosphere doing something that everyone can relate to – eat.  The women gather once per month over brunch at a local restaurant. They purposely come with no set agenda, no topics, just good conversation and fun. Women leave the brunches feeling like they just had a good meal with their childhood friends.

According to cofounder Lillian Jackson, “When you have a conversation organically in a casual setting, you get to learn so much more about a person. Through that conversation you can identify opportunities that exist that might be beneficial. I have made so many connections with women over brunch that have afforded me new personal and business opportunities.”

Brown Skin Brunchin’ is a social group dedicated to bringing together women of color who desire to expand their personal and professional network in an unconventional way. The social group has chapters in 18 cities in the US with plans to expand to 50 cities by the end of 2021.

If you would like more information about the social group or are interested in having the group host a brunch at your restaurant, visit us online at

Contact: Roberta Smith

Phone: (804) 539-7038

SOURCE Brown Skin Brunchin’

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