Child Care Seer Automates Administrative and Management Tasks to Improve the Daycare Provider, Teacher, Parent and Child Experience

LOCUST GROVE, Va., March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Child Care Seer, an all-in-one platform for childcare providers, is now available to serve the daycare industry. Daycare owners and managers handle a variety of tasks that are suited for automation, including invoicing and billing, waitlist management, and staff scheduling and planning. Teachers also manage daily tasks such as classroom scheduling, manual attendance taking, tracking special events and recording various class-specific statistics.

“We’re thrilled to offer a dedicated service for daycare owners and managers, people who are always pressed for time,” said Tom Callahan, Chief Executive Officer of Child Care Seer. “Running a daycare is a rewarding yet stressful job because it requires a considerable amount of administrative work. There are staff schedules, managing classroom capacities, tracking payments, and the need for visibility into which kids and staff are present on any given day. Our platform handles these issues and more, providing daycare providers with a streamlined way to manage their business and provide optimal care for kids.”

The Child Care Seer platform is purpose built to address administrative tasks that require an inordinate amount of time for owners, managers and teachers. As a web-based app, the platform provides users with real-time access to a simple-to-use dashboard through any internet-connected device.

With Child Care Seer, daycare owners can plan their enrollments and staffing needs for the present and future. It automates invoicing and billing to save time, reduce manual errors, and improve cash flows. Owners can use the platform to build reports on revenue figures, attendance trends, and class statistics, among other useful metrics. The platform manages waitlists – a crucial function for the most in-demand childcare providers. Contactless check-in and out functions help streamline the busy start and end of the day and it keeps better track of which students and staff are on-site that specific day.

Teachers can leverage Child Care Seer to view staff schedules in real time, as well as current attendance. This information helps them understand who is working specific classrooms, manage reassignments, understand class ratios and move between classes in unison with the other staff. The Child Care Seer platform also keeps track of planned and actual events in real time, to give teachers reminders so they can best plan their days.  Parents also save time with Child Care Seer through the parent portal which offers access to the child’s schedule and personal data, as well as a payment function.

About Child Care Seer
Child Care Seer is an all-in-one childcare management platform that improves and automates scheduling, planning, staffing management and communications for daycare, pre-school, early education learning center or after school learning programs. It enables childcare providers to offer the highest quality service with unparalleled flexibility while maximizing profits and increasing the time care providers spend with every child. For more information, visit

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