Buzy – Happy Home Repairs – Launches to Beta Test Group in Charlotte, NC

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Buzy Corp (www.Buzy.com) a Charlotte start-up has announced its Beta Test release to 100 users in the greater Charlotte market.  Buzy is a start-up from residential real estate veteran Logan Abrams and his team along with design and collaboration input from Rock Hill, SC based Social Design House (www.socialdesign.house).  Buzy understands home maintenance is a hassle so they created a single source for all your home service needs. The Buzy app simplifies home ownership, offering easy scheduling and upfront pricing on hundreds of services.  Simply select a task and they will send a top local pro to get it done. With Buzy you can sit back, relax, and spend your time elsewhere. 

Homeowners no longer need to spend time researching local contractors, playing phone tag or hassle with scheduling and payment. Buzy handles all of that with their local pre-selected Buzy Certified pro’s. Buzy offers a simple and easy user interface and beta users can now select a home service repair, choose a day/time for service (you don’t even need to be home!) and complete payment all in about 5 clicks.  Buzy removes the hassle of homeownership and makes home maintenance easy. 

Buzy was created by residential real estate and home maintenance experts. The Buzy team has over 35+ years of experience owning, managing, fixing, flipping, selling, living in, and caring for homes. For many years, the Buzy team has been saying “there has to be an easier way” so Buzy was born to make home maintenance and ownership easy! Now with Buzy, there is a better way!

Buzy is expecting their Beta Test Launch to last approximately 60 days while they work out logistical kinks before releasing the full version to the greater Charlotte market in May 2021. 

The Buzy App is free and can now be downloaded in the App and Google Play Stores. 

Download for iOS  |  Download for Android  |  Desktop Version

Media Contact Information-
Logan Abrams
Founder & CCO


Brandy Newton
Brand & Product Development
p. 803-448-2131




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