Breaking the Ice with AI: Flirtini’s Tool Boosts Response Rates and Fuels Uptick in App Chats

Users who tap into the dating app’s AI assistant to generate icebreaker messages see a 15% increase in replies to their first messages

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — First impressions really do matter — at least in the online dating world where matches are plentiful and ghosting is easy. But now there’s a surefire way to make a great first impression: data from dating app Flirtini indicates that an icebreaker generated by its AI assistant will lead to more replies and an overall increase in user chats.

Since introducing a suite of AI tools last month, which includes an AI icebreaker generator tool, 10% of Flirtini’s users are using AI to craft an icebreaker for them instead of doing it themselves. This is leading to a 15% increase in replies to first messages, and an 8.81% overall increase in chats on the app. 

Key Insights include:

  • 10% of all users on the app are having Flirtini’s AI assistant create an icebreaker for them, instead of writing it themselves.
  • After the introduction of the tool, 15% more users began to receive replies to their first messages. This demonstrates that the AI tool can provide engaging and interesting icebreakers that lead to meaningful conversations.
  • Across the app, users are communicating in chats 8.81% more, as it becomes easier and less stressful to initiate a conversation.

The AI tool is built into the functions of Flirtini’s in-app, on-demand AI assistant, Fliry, which analyzes your match’s profile and offers a choice of the two best icebreaker messages, incorporating the match’s interests and hobbies mentioned in their bio. Users can use the messages provided, or ask Fliry to change the length or style of the message using quick commands. 62% of men who want to change the first option ask to make it more flirty; 31% of women add more humor.

25% of users in a previous Flirtini study identified an icebreaker feature as the most crucial in reducing dating-related stress, especially for men who often feel pressure to make the first move. With the help of AI to come up with conversation starters, users can now feel less pressure from the start and instead enjoy the conversation and online dating experience as it unfolds. 

Flirtini’s in-house dating expert and coach Rikki Dymond states that icebreakers are a crucial first impression that online daters don’t want to overlook.

“On an online dating app, your first message is going to set the tone for your whole interaction, and can often indicate your intentions. Whether you’re using an AI generator to help craft your message or coming up with it on your own, think of your tone before you send the message: do you want to be flirty and playful, or thoughtful and serious?” said Dymond.

In terms of selecting (or writing) a successful icebreaker message, Dymond recommends choosing a prompt that asks a question about the user’s profile, comments about a similarity between the two of you, or incorporates humor, which she says is one of the best ways to break the ice. It’s also important to ask open-ended questions, which will prompt a longer response and lead to a more meaningful conversation.

Dymond gives one final piece of advice to online daters when considering sending an icebreaker message: “When deciding if you want to message someone, it’s important to make sure that you only reach out to people who you’re actually interested in meeting in real life. Remember that there’s an actual human on the other side of that message, someone who has feelings and is likely looking for a real connection.”

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