Boundless Brings Natural, Chemical-Free Hydrogen Water to the Dinner Table

The Australian Health and Wellness Brand Is Unleashing Unlimited Potential Through Access to Hydrogen Water on the Homefront

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. and SYDNEY, Feb. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — There is no end to the number of cutting-edge scientific health products in development. The issue that often arises is finding ways to get the latest and greatest breakthrough from a prototype into consumers’ hands. Boundless is an Australian health and wellness brand that has found a way to create sustainably sourced, cleanly manufactured, chemical-free hydrogen water that anyone (soon to include those in the United States) can access.

“At Boundless, our mission from day one has been to create the future of beverages for everyone,” says company founder and CEO David Goo, “We are inspired by the potential of science, and we love to find ways to apply technological advancements in science to our products. But that’s just the beginning. While every one of our hydrogen water SKUs is backed by scientific rigor, we also make sure to go further than the test tubes and hypotheticals. We get that water into the hands of those looking to benefit from hydrogen-infused hydration.”

The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. On the science end of things, Boundless hydrogen water is influenced by cutting-edge science at every step. For example, the hydrogen is mixed with the water using a process called “hydrokinetic ultrasonic fluid mixing” — an innovative approach that uses the physical process of molecular vibration (sound waves) rather than chemicals.

Green hydrogen is also used, as well as 100% recyclable cans, ensuring that the process remains as sustainable as possible. The result is a clean drink with a hydrogen content of 2 parts per million, which is much higher than other comparable products.

As far as turning concepts into reality is concerned, Boundless has remained an innovative and effective distributor at the forefront of the burgeoning hydrogen water industry. It is the first brand to promote the forward-thinking product in Australia, and it is also in the process of bringing its popular beverage to a North American market that is thirsty for healthy beverage options.

“Inventing a healthy new hydration solution is one thing,” says Goo, “getting it into the hands of consumers is another. We’re working hard to ensure that our hydrogen water remains a healthy, sustainable, affordable, and above all, available option that people all over the world can serve on their own dinner tables on a daily basis.”

About Boundless

Boundless Hydrogen Water was created by a research team led by Dr. Jeffery Son as a natural, comprehensive solution for his daughter’s eczema. The product was successful, not just for topical skin but for various general health benefits. The Brand is established as a market leader through the development of the company’s unique, non-chemical, Australian manufacturing method, and its founding team has worked tirelessly to share its hydrogen water with the world ever since. Boundless is backed by both science and continuous research and operates with the mission of using technology to unlock human potential and create the future of beverages. Learn more at

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