Bagover Pushes Sustainable Designer Shopping to A New Level

CALABASAS, Calif., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bagover today announced its official launch, a new e-commerce website that sells and gives new life to pre-loved and vintage luxury handbags. Bagover is committed to curating a line of trendy and classic pre-loved items in hopes they will be rediscovered and given new life. The company offers a new way for luxury handbag fanatics to shop with a purpose. 

“We wanted to create an extra layer of positivity with shopping sustainable. Aside from shopping pre-loved designer handbags, our customers can feel good about where a percentage of the profits are going. We are committed to donating a minimum of 2% of all profits to women’s shelters across America,” says Sara David, founder at Bagover. 

“We want to help women and families who may be homeless or displaced due to domestic violence or other life-altering situations. Providing a chance for a do-over at life is the best gift we can offer.”

Features and benefits of Bagover include

  • Curated line of pre-loved and vintage handbags
  • All 100% authentic handbags or your money back
  • Blog posts that offer handbag related education and entertainment will be available starting today at price points starting from $365. For more information on all featured products, visit

About We are vintage fanatics and lovers of pre-loved handbags with their personal history attached. 

Why choose Bagover over the others?
Simple; we believe in giving back. The donations to women’s shelters will be used to pay for daily meals, counseling, preventative and primary healthcare, access to job readiness programs, and much more. Our love of vintage and pre-loved handbags can create an opportunity to give back to women’s communities. 

Sara David, Owner/Founder 

SOURCE Bagover

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