Award-Winning Pediatric Shampoo, Happy Cappy, Named on List for ‘Best Cradle Cap Shampoo’ – Dr. Eddie’s Original Formula Continues to Earn Accolades

HOUSTON, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Happy Cappy® ( proudly announced it had been named the "Best Cradle Cap Shampoo" by well-known parenting website, – continuing to add to Happy Cappy’s growing list of awards and distinctions. Happy Cappy is the first medicated shampoo/body wash used specifically for the relief of scalp flaking, scaling, and redness associated with seborrheic dermatitis in children of all ages. When seborrheic dermatitis is found on a baby’s head it is often called cradle cap – a common condition that affects one in three children under the age of five. Developed by board-certified pediatric physician Dr. Eddie Valenzuela, Happy Cappy manufactures and sells a complete line of vegan-friendly, irritant free, products including a Sensitive Skin gift box sampler currently available on Individual Happy Cappy products are also sold and shipped by with 2-day delivery. Visit the company online to access a convenient "Where to Buy" feature to find Happy Cappy products in over 4,500 Walgreens and buybuyBaby® stores across the nation.

"We’re so excited and honored to be named on this recent list," said Dr. Eddie. "The highest praise we could ever hope for is from other parents who love and use our formula. The best products in the world help solve a problem and that was certainly true for our cradle cap shampoo. Almost half of all infants get cradle cap, and for so many years, pediatricians have advised parents to use normal dandruff shampoos on their infants to fight conditions like cradle cap. But that never really made sense – formulated for adults, those shampoos have perfumes and other harsh chemicals that are not appropriate for a baby’s sensitive skin. And that’s why I designed a product exclusive for this age group."

Available since 2018, Happy Cappy’s unique redness-soothing shampoo/bodywash formula, with natural ingredient licorice root extract, quickly became popular after multiple high-profile reviews by national press outlets. Happy Cappy also recently won the "Best Cradle Cap Shampoo" from Parents Magazine and is currently trademarking its "No Scalp Left Behind" tagline. Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo and Body Wash with active ingredient pyrithione zinc features include:

  • Helps eliminate scalp and skin scaling, redness, flaking, itching, and irritation associated with seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff.
  • Used to safely soothe redness behind ears, under armpits, and in neck folds.
  • All Happy Cappy products are sulfate free, parabens free, fragrance free, dye free, dermatologist tested, and cruelty-free.

With almost 5,000 Amazon reviews, many adults with delicate skin turn to Happy Cappy Medicated for their own seborrheic dermatitis on the face and beard because of its gentle formulation and because it is fungal acne friendly. Happy Cappy’s moisturizing products are just as popular among adults who suffer with eczema and psoriasis. Happy Cappy Moisturizing Cream also currently enjoys a 100% rating on SkinSafe.

Happy Cappy’s clinically tested skincare regimen to soothe dry, itchy, irritated, sensitive, eczema prone skin and should be used as follows:

Step 1: Wash hair, face, and body with irritant free Happy Cappy Daily Shampoo & Body Wash.
Step 2: Lock in moisture and hydrate skin with non-greasy Happy Cappy Moisturizing Cream. Apply at least twice daily.

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About Happy Cappy: A Pediatrician’s Solution ® 
Created by a pediatrician and manufactured at a cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practice) facility, Happy Cappy represents a complete line of over the counter, made-in-the-USA products for seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, eczema, and other sensitive skin conditions common among infants, toddlers, school age children, teenagers, and adults. All Happy Cappy products contain gentle cleansers and moisturizing creams that use safe ingredients like licorice root extract, apple fruit extract, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid (made through a natural fermentation process), oatmeal, provitamin B5, and pure glycerin. Happy Cappy is free of irritants like perfumes, dyes, phthalates, parabens, lanolin, and sulfates – ensuring that babies only get what they need on their skin, and nothing more. Explore the full line at:

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