AVAVA™ Announces the Launch of MIRIA™ at ASMLS 2024 the Energy-Based Medicine & Science Conference

Exclusive Distribution Partnership With Jeisys Medical for Korea and Japan

The First Precision Driven, High Energy, Smart Technology Supported Device for ALL Skin Tones Is Changing the Laser Landscape

BALTIMORE, April 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AVAVA, an innovative aesthetics company focused on becoming a portal to the future of skin vitality, today announces the official launch of MIRIA™ by AVAVA. In addition, through an exclusive distribution partnership with Jeisys, MIRIA will be available in Korea and Japan later this year.

With 10 years of development by highly recognized leaders in aesthetics, MIRIA™ offers a breakthrough energy modality that caters to a variety of clinical conditions providing comprehensive customized therapies that democratizes the best treatments for ALL skin types and concerns. With unique FDA approved energy levels and a novel Focal Point Technology paired with an innovative imaging modality, MIRIA is the first of its kind to offer a multi-level treatment versatility approach that allows for the ability to treat both superficial layers of the skin as well as deeper layers at the same time. A comfortable procedure with minimal social downtime and superb results can be tailored to individual needs and desires.

AVAVA’s proprietary Focal Point Technology™, utilizes a conical geometry to deliver non-ablative high energy laser treatment with pinpoint accuracy at any depth of the skin. It offers FDA regulatory clearance for energy up to 150mJ, with maximum energy reaching the deepest layers of the skin while minimizing epidermal involvement and collateral damage. To support this high energy, MIRIA™ incorporates a significantly improved skin cooling during treatments ensuring comfort, minimizing inflammation and downtime. The integration of proprietary AVAVASite™ advanced imaging modality unlocks a new understanding of the mosaic of skin tones.

“Laser therapy has been consistently challenging with darker skin tones and developing a unique, advanced energy device, that works on ALL skin tones is our mission at AVAVA. Finally, the safe availability of laser therapy has arrived helping all patients achieve their personal skin health goals,” said Founder and CEO, Irina Erenburg.

“We know that skin rejuvenation is the fastest growing segment in aesthetics. Women across all demographics, including Latina and Asian women, agree that they are starting to notice facial lines/wrinkles. The younger the generation, the more likely they are to be bothered by facial skin quality issues and believe in seeking advice and professional treatment to prevent future aging”, said co-founder of MIRIA™, Dr. Dieter Manstein. “Across all skin tones, the results are natural looking since it stimulates the patient’s own collagen and elastin and the results continue to improve up to 6 months after treatment,” Dr. Manstein added.

“There is a severe lack of safe and effective aesthetic treatment options for patients with skin of color. With MIRIA™, we now have the ability to safely renew the deeper levels of the skin and improve skin conditions. This is transformative as for most of my patients with darker skin types, conventional laser treatments are unsafe or ineffective,” said Dr. Valerie Callender.

MIRIA™ is the first smart platform that captures high resolution images of the skin and data critical to guide precision therapy. The platform is built to provide personalized treatments for optimum outcomes. AVAVASite™ laser-eye-view captures, stores and tracks high resolution images and videos of areas of interest on the skin. Through machine learning, with time and data collection, this will become an invaluable tool for patients and clinicians for optimizing unique skin therapies.

MIRIA™ unlocks the future of skin renewal and is a state-of-the-art precision energy device using the highest technology image guidance to deliver a precise personalized therapeutic dose specifically where needed.

About Blossom Innovations
Since our inception, Blossom Innovations has been rooted in deep expertise, unmatched success, and continual collaboration. Founded by some of the most celebrated names in dermatology, today we’re at the forefront of clinical innovation — with seasoned executive leadership, a growing team of dedicated R&D experts, and a dynamic network of industry and research collaborations. 

Born out of Blossom Innovations, AVAVA is offering a new class of intradermal lasers that enable unprecedented customization. By creating a map to personalized skin care through proprietary and patented focal point technology, laser energy is delivered at the precise therapeutic depth for optimal results for all skin tones and types.

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Jeisys Medical Inc., a worldwide medical device manufacturer produces high-end products for plastic surgeons, dermatologist, physicians, and healthcare professionals. With various reliable product line including IPL, RF microneedle, CO2, Q-Switch laser and HIFU, Jeisys serves the industry as one of the leading companies with rigorous R&D level and valuable experience.

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