As the Pandemic Winds Down, Demand for Wellness Services Surges at Dallas Anti-Aging Clinic

DALLAS, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to the latest census data, with Dallas-Fort Worth leaping ahead to become the fourth largest metro area in the US, and its 7.7 million pandemic-influenced residents eager to bolster their health and well-being, it’s easy to understand why Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness is experiencing a surge of interest in its hormone therapies, ED treatments and other preventative and restorative services.

“It’s unlike anything we’ve seen,” said Zach Tallon, Founder and CEO of Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness. “People seem to be more health-conscious, more intent on building up their immune systems and improving their quality of life. Fortunately, our facilities are fully equipped and staffed to handle the increased number of patients.”

Recent data from Accenture may explain the phenomenon. It found that 69% of consumers are spending more time on self-care, with more than half saying they’ve become a healthier person since the pandemic outbreak, by exercising more, eating better, even pampering themselves to a greater degree.

According to Dr. G. Pat Sharratt, D.O., Medical Director of the Dallas clinic: “Diet plays an important role in immune health, and since it’s not always easy to get all of your essential nutrients from food, the pharmaceutical-grade supplements we stock are helping our patients achieve a more robust immune system.”

Among the most popular treatments Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness offers to meet the resurgence in health awareness are its bioidentical hormone pellet therapies for women and men, that can reestablish hormonal balances, improve sexual vitality, address menopausal and lack-of-energy issues, and resolve other health problems.

Therapies for sexual health is another area in which participation has grown. These include the P- Shot®, Big D Shot® and Big D Wave® for erectile dysfunction, and Big D Girth™ treatment for male enhancement, and O-Shot® for female sexual dysfunction.

“Having closed for two months during the height of the pandemic, and now with the worst of it behind us, we’re happy to meet the pent-up demand for our services and the renewed zest for life our clientele is exhibiting,” said Tallon.

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SOURCE Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness