APR Unveils Groundbreaking ACERO Platform to Revolutionize Data-Driven Production Consulting

DENVER, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — APR, a trusted woman-owned business with over 20 years of industry expertise, is proud to announce the launch of ACERO, a game-changing platform designed by experts in production, tailored to empower clients with unparalleled insights to drive significant improvements in production processes, analysis and insights.

ACERO started as an internal platform to supercharge APR’s data-driven production consulting services and team members, and it represents a major leap forward in APR’s journey towards to be a more mature data-enabled consultancy. Developed by a team of experts who intimately understand the production business, ACERO combines cutting-edge technology with APR’s advisory approach to provide clients with a transformative solution.

Key Highlights of ACERO:

  1. Guided Insights: ACERO doesn’t just provide data; it offers guided insights that lead to tangible improvements in production efficiency, cost savings, and overall productivity within a marketer’s creative production and content creation ecosystems.
  2. Advisory Approach: Clients subscribing to the ACERO platform benefit from APR’s years of industry experience, with subject matter advisors providing their expertise to ensure the highest standards for production consulting.
  3. Dashboard Modules: ACERO introduces client-facing insight dashboards as an enhanced deliverable within the solution scope with APR. This empowers clients to access their own data and make informed decisions based on real-time insights.
  4. Competitive Advantage: ACERO positions APR at the forefront of innovation, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Benefits to Clients:

–  Gain an enterprise-wide view of agency creative fees and content production data with a standardized global taxonomy.
–  Achieve investment and output transparency, allowing data module filtering by region, brand, agency, or key supplier.
–  Uncover insights about total investment within holding companies and identify opportunities for Preferred Partner Programs.
–  Access real-time snapshots of relationship health between marketers and agencies.
–  Realize detailed cost avoidance and cost reduction savings.
–  Perform productivity analyses amongst agency partners and brands.
–  Receive insights into the locations of productions across all agencies and brands.
–  Summarize key production supplier bidding trends to optimize Preferred Production Partner Programs.
–  Support healthy relationships between Marketers and Agencies by tracking associated KPIs at the project level.
–  Enjoy the flexibility of custom insights, dashboards, and data outputs.

APR Founder and CEO Jillian Gibbs expressed excitement about the upcoming launch, stating, “Opening ACERO accessibility to clients represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions and unmatched value. We are confident that ACERO, plus APR managed services and insights, will transform the way our clients realize and approach production ROI.” 

Collaborating closely with valued clients to ensure that ACERO’s dashboards align with their needs has been pivotal to the development of this platform. Kate Briganti, APR’s Chief Strategy Officer, shared, “The response to the insights provided by the ACERO platform’s dashboards from our existing clients has been overwhelmingly positive. They are thrilled to have such valuable information readily accessible, recognizing the immense potential of this data to drive well-informed decisions. ACERO empowers our clients to derive greater value from their production investments.”

In the upcoming month of December, APR will host a webinar showcasing the impressive capabilities of ACERO’s dashboards. During this event, APR will present compelling case studies that illustrate the benefit of, and profound impact on, using data to optimize creative production.

For more information about ACERO and APR’s data-driven production consulting services, please visit www.aprco.com.

About APR: Started in 2000 by Founder & CEO Jillian Gibbs, APR is a pioneering woman-owned business that revolutionized Production Cost Consulting. Jillian Gibbs, while working at Unilever and later Molson Coors, introduced this innovative concept. APR has consistently led the industry in innovation and even coined the term “advertising production consulting.” The company operates as a truly data-driven consultancy, utilizing ACEROâ„¢, their proprietary Content Creation Data & Analytics application. Using this invaluable data serves as the foundation for APR Advisors to unlock critical insights and optimize clients’ creative production ecosystems. With a diverse portfolio encompassing 400+ client brands across sectors including Automotive, Beauty Care, Luxury, Snacks, Beverages, Technology, QSR, Government, and Banking, APR continues to make a global impact. Visit www.aprco.com for detailed insights.

Rachel Crane

SOURCE Advertising Production Resources