Ananta Medicare’s ARTIKON Keeps You Upright and on the Move

The Digestive Supplement Is Filled With Non-GMO Ingredients Designed to
Support the Musculoskeletal System During Physical Activity

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone wants to stay healthy. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle often focuses on things like digestive upkeep, skincare routines, and mental health. Rarely does caring for the musculoskeletal system come into the picture — at least not before an injury has occurred. Ananta Medicare’s digestive supplement ARTIKON was designed to fill that gap by addressing the proactive preservation of musculoskeletal health.

“Ananta Medicare is an international health brand guided by the vision of constant care for the health and quality of human life,” says company president Jain Pradeep, “Most of the products that we develop focus on the prevention of health conditions rather than post-issue treatment. While reactive medicine is important, proactive healthcare is far and away the best option for maintaining a higher quality of life. That’s why we created ARTIKON.”

ARTIKON is a daily herbal supplement designed to normalize musculoskeletal system functioning during physical activity. In other words, it is designed to provide essential nutrients that naturally support the bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and soft tissues that work together to support and move the body. ARTIKON is a drinkable supplement that comes in daily doses of a single 50 ml flask, shaken and consumed 20 to 30 minutes before eating. The contents of the supplement include a variety of biologically active non-GMO substances, including the following:

  • Fish collagen peptide is sourced from Japan and supports the elasticity and flexibility of connective tissue along with helping the bones absorb calcium and improve recovery.
  • Glucosamine hydrochloride helps reduce severe joint pain and improve joint mobility.
  • Calcium gluconate helps with nerve impulses and muscle contraction.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (or MSM) also helps with flexibility and elasticity.
  • Hyaluronic acid is known for helping with joint pain, cartilage restoration, and skin hydration.
  • Uncaria tomentosa extract (or Cat’s Claw) has an antioxidant effect and reduces the progression of inflammatory processes.
  • Royal jelly helps with bone tissue formation, improves tissue tropism, reduces inflammation, and manages free radical oxidation.

Together, this combination of unique and potent natural compounds improves the entire musculoskeletal system. They form an essential lifeline of proactive support that help individuals maintain their health rather than merely seek out muscle, joint, or bone-related remedies after an injury has already taken place.

About Ananta Medicare

Ananta Medicare Limited was founded in 1999 and consists of a group of companies that specialize in the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality products with natural components. These include generic medicines, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. The brand has plants in India, each dedicated to specific manufacturing needs. It also has offices in the UK, India, and Ukraine. The company’s vision has always been to protect and preserve health and increase quality of life. Learn more at

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