An Experience To Remember – Passport To Success 2023

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Looking back at the hustle, strife and achievements that GK Hair made in the last year, it is no secret that the collective, timeless efforts of the team have made it possible to overcome every hurdle along the way. The amount of dedication, commitment and perseverance that our team worldwide put in to make 2023 even better is definitely worth more than the applause. Therefore, as a kind gesture of appreciation, GK Hair decided to reward the team with an experience of a lifetime – Passport To Success 2023.

This exclusive three-day event in Mexico hosted several distributors, salon professionals, and hair educators from all over the globe joining for an annual meet-and-greet. With The Fives Beach Hotels in Playa Del Carmen as the destination, the team enjoyed the amazing opportunity to unwind with serene ocean views and explore the rich culture of Mexico. Not only did the team get a chance to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but also experience several fun activities together, from beach volleyball to luxury spas, arts & crafts, gourmet cuisines, and much more beside the blue waters of Playa Del Carmen.

The GK Hair Team, along with the Founder and CEO Van Tibolli, also had the pleasure of entertaining distributors and professionals who were attending Passport To Success as veterans for the first time, and made their stay worthwhile. With the serenity of white sand beaches and the luxury of the residences, this event greatly helped the team to freshen their minds and kickstart the new year with a regained energy.

The robust culture of GK Hair and the unity of the team is what makes it going even on thin ice. Passport To Success 2023 was a huge hit as the team got to reunite once more outside of a digital screen, and had the pleasure to get to know the fun side of each other. The Founder and CEO of GK Hair, Van Tibolli, firmly believes that gestures of appreciation, no matter how significant or otherwise, go a long way in the journey of progress and growth.

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