Altitude Lets You Put Your Energy on AutoPilot

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Altitude is an innovative, healthy, and responsible take on an otherwise traditionally terrible energy drink concept. The brand is quickly growing in popularity after having recently entered the U.S. market. It also offers a convenient subscription option for customers who can’t get enough of the drink’s signature crash-free clarity.

Energy drinks have historically been associated with things like sports and alcohol. This has made unhealthy ingredients, sudden energy spikes, and terrifying energy crashes the norm for most energy drink consumers. It has also made it difficult for polished professionals to utilize the energy solution without potentially tarnishing their reputation.

It’s a narrative that the Austrian-based energy-boosting beverage Altitude is attempting to rewrite. According to the company’s founders, the popular brand wanted to make a pick-me-up that was specifically tailored for busy professionals who are conscious of their health, possess "a refined palate," and "enjoy travel and the finer things in life."

Altitude is the culmination of a decade-long effort by an elite team of doctors and nutritionists in search of a drink that truly "punctuates your day." The result was a formula that didn’t just pump the body full of energy. Make no mistake, Altitude certainly does deliver an optimal quantity of natural caffeine. However, it supplements the energy factor with a host of other ingredients that focus on dietary, immune, and anti-inflammatory health.

The multifunctional drink comes in a convenient 150 ml (5 oz) can filled with a delectable concoction that is:

  • Organic, vegan, and GMO-free;
  • Has no aspartame or taurine;
  • Uses all-natural ingredients, including caffeine;
  • Has no preservatives or artificial flavors.

Above all, the pleasantly clarifying pick-me-up provided by the drink doesn’t involve paying the price later with an energy crash. In the words of the brand, "We empower people to propel through their day and inspire them to be the best version of themselves. We serve a great-tasting, all-natural health tonic that makes everyone feel well."

After ten years of success in Europe, Altitude recently became available in the U.S. market. Not only that, but American consumers also have access to the brand’s convenient subscription tool.

Much like a quality coffee subscription, the Altitude subscription can be put on "autopilot" for the brand’s 6 PACK, 4×6 PACK, and 24 TRAY products. PilotsFriend West, the Canada-based division of the brand, does add the note to always consider international shipping when placing subscription orders.

The ability to subscribe once and keep the healthy energy flowing each and every month without a second thought is an attractive proposition. This is especially true for busy professionals across the nation as they tend to their relentless schedules, pressing responsibilities, and all-around busy lives.

About Altitude: Altitude is the U.S. label for the popular European brand PilotsFriend. Headquartered in Austria, the brand has operations in Europe and Canada and recently entered the U.S. marketplace under the direction of Ali Ashgari, co-founder and president of the brand’s Canadian wing PilotsFriend West.

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