Altitude Is an Honest, Transparent Energy Option

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Altitude is new on the scene in the U.S. However, the energy tonic has been a fan favorite in Europe and Canada for years now. This largely comes from its respectful treatment of both the human body and the environment.

The energy drink industry is rife with red flags. Study after study has been released showing the effects of energy drinks, and the results are downright terrifying. Many options on the market are loaded with sugar and synthetics like taurine. They’ve been connected to heart problems and are extremely dangerous when mixed with alcohol.

From poor health to emergency room visits, there are plenty of reasons energy drinks are not the best option when it comes to tracking down a pick-me-up. It’s this endless need for energy (healthy or not) that drove the folks at PilotsFriend to develop their revolutionary energy tonic Altitude.

The idea for Altitude originated from a desire to help NATO pilots stay awake when flying. Shaky hands and sugar crashes aren’t ideal when piloting a plane, and the founders — who were pilots, as well — knew that they needed a more wholesome solution to help them stay awake and alert at the controls.

They set to work, hired a team of bio-scientists and nutritionists, and spent over a decade creating a precision-crafted solution: Altitude.

Altitude is an innovative take on energy. "Our body does not need more than 25-35 mg caffeine at a given time," company co-founder Ali Asghari explains, adding that "High doses of caffeine provide the body with proverbial shock to the nervous system and the body reacts to it as toxication that it has to work harder to discharge."

With this in mind, Altitude offers a sufficient yet subtle dose of 56mg of caffeine (in comparison, a cup of coffee often has double and even triple that much.) "PilotsFriend contains special caffeine derived from kola nut and guarana extracts," Ashgari adds, "Since the caffeine is bound differently in both plants, their stimulating effect unfolds with a time delay and while releasing an optimal caffeine amount, it contributes to a pleasant feeling of alertness, ideal for those who want to stay focused and alert for an extended period of time."

And the drink doesn’t stop there. It also offers an array of 100% organic, natural ingredients that provide digestive support and boost immunity. This makes Altitude a multifunctional drink that restores and invigorates the entire body — rather than beefing an individual’s energy levels with sugars and caffeine only to let it crash shortly afterward.

From its honest approach to caffeine to its transparently natural ingredients, Altitude is a drink made with respect to both the human body and Mother Nature. It restores energy and maintains health while also preserving the ecological balance. In an era defined by informed consumers, Altitude offers a guilt-free way to access a healthy pick-me-up without the worry of dealing with a crash after the fact.

About Altitude: Altitude is an organic energy tonic owned and produced by the Austrian/Italian company PilotsFriend. The brand has operations in Europe and Canada and recently entered the U.S. marketplace under the direction of Ali Asghari, co-founder and president of the brand’s Canadian wing PilotsFriend West. Originally created to help keep jet pilots awake at the controls, the drink has become a popular source of energy for professionals across the globe. Its quality ingredients work together to offer an organic, natural, long-lasting, crash-free way to achieve peak performance in any and all circumstances. Learn more about Altitude at

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