Algae: The Future of Food

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Amarea is a company that is setting a new precedent in the health food industry. The brand is utilizing the abundant resource of endemic algae (seaweed) harvested off of the awe-inspiring Chilean coast to create a sustainable, healthy source of sustenance that is quietly revolutionizing the future of snacking.

It’s hard to find a brand that stands out in the crowded health food market. An endless procession of companies constantly takes turns swapping out unpronounceable components and synthetic ingredients for organic, GMO-free, allergen-friendly alternatives.

There’s so much white noise throughout the industry, that sometimes it requires nothing short of profound simplicity to cut through the clutter. Amarea is a Chilean health food manufacturer that is doing precisely that — and it’s doing so with a basic yet critical message for the modern consumer: "The future of food is algae, but we need it now."

Amarea is a company that works exclusively with local seaweed collectors throughout its native country. The brand uses algae gathered off of the 4,000-mile Chilean coast to produce simple yet powerful snack options for a growing international audience. These seaweed-based snacks are 100% natural and have a limit of three ingredients per product. Along with their simplicity, the healthy snacking option:

  • Doesn’t have salt or preservatives;
  • Is gluten-free and keto-friendly;
  • Is rich in protein, fiber, calcium, and magnesium.

The simplistic superfood is also harvested in an eco-friendly manner that considers the livelihood of the harvester and the planet alike.

From start to finish, Amarea’s products are a baseline for the future of snacking. They utilize a sustainable ingredient and genuinely support (rather than take advantage of) an organic supply chain of harvesters already in existence. They also provide consumers with a healthy source of nutrients that don’t need to be souped up or watered down with unnecessary flavors or ingredients.

From start to finish, Amarea’s use of algae and its pre-existing industry is setting a precedent that should both please the collective conscious of informed consumers and spur other companies to follow in the future.

About Amarea: Amarea was founded in 2019 and operates out of its home country of Chile. There, it works with the artisanal community of seaweed collectors, helping to support their local economy while simultaneously manufacturing a high-quality snack for a growing global customer base. The brand’s goal is to "change the way we view food, through the power of algae and its people."

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