Aesthetix CRM Announces Launch of An Innovative AI Chat Assistant for Medical Aesthetics Practices

ATLANTA, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Aesthetix CRM, a leading software solution for medical aesthetics practices, announced the launch of their pioneering AI Chat Assistant, a tool specifically engineered to streamline communications for med spas and plastic surgeons. The assistant is poised to revolutionize how practices engage with their leads & patients, offering savings in time and cost that can be redirected toward enhancing patient care.

The AI Chat Assistant is a groundbreaking addition to the Aesthetix CRM suite, capable of managing incoming messages from various platforms, including web chat, Facebook®, Instagram®, and Google My Business®. This capability ensures that practices maintain unified, effective patient communication across the digital spectrum.

The software boasts a custom knowledge base, allowing practices to add tailored responses to practice-specific questions and treatments. This empowers clinics to deliver accurate and personalized information to their clients in a swift and seamless manner. The Aesthetix AI Chat Assistant does not only answer queries but also fosters patient loyalty by improving the quality of interactions and increasing satisfaction levels.

Regarding investment, Aesthetix CRM has designed its AI Chat Assistant to be an affordable and cost-effective solution. With packages starting at just $199 per month, practices only need to acquire their own Open AI API key to benefit from the time and cost savings. Aesthetix CRM’s analysis indicates that their AI Chat Assistant will save medical aesthetics practices over 10 hours each week in managing messages, thereby increasing productivity and freeing up staff to focus on core practice activities. Furthermore, it’s estimated that the tool will save clinics over $500 on average per month, leading to considerable financial savings over the course of a year.

“Our goal has always been to empower medical aesthetics practices by automating their lead management and enabling them to focus more on patient care. The launch of our AI Chat Assistant is a testament to this,” said Eric Dunn, CEO of Aesthetix CRM. “This tool not only handles lead qualification efficiently but also improves patient communication, leading to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.”

With the launch of the AI Chat Assistant, Aesthetix CRM continues to champion the digital transformation of medical aesthetics practices, paving the way for a more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-centric future.

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Aesthetix CRM is an all-in-one marketing software solution dedicated to supporting medical aesthetics practices. It offers innovative tools designed to enhance patient engagement, lead management, streamline operations, and increase overall marketing efficiency.

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