A Window into the Future of Innovative Smart Home Technology: SmartSlydr Offers an Easy-To-Install Complete Smart Home Solution to Automate Any Sliding Door or Window

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Offering a promising glimpse into the future of smart door and window technology, a new San Francisco Bay area-based company, Lychee Things, (https://lycheethings.com/ ), has introduced SmartSlydr, an innovative, easy-to-install secure complete IoT (Internet of Things) solution to automate any home’s sliding windows and doors through using a convenient smartphone app or with voice activation.

Imagine being able to remotely operate, monitor, and lock your sliding windows and doors, manage the air circulation in all rooms of your home, get notified when a door or window is opened, and enable your pets to enter and exit your home by themselves – all with your smartphone.

With a patent-pending design, SmartSlydr is a small wifi-enabled robot that attaches easily to any existing sliding door or window frame and blends in with a home’s interior and surroundings.

SmartSlydr can be activated from the comfort of your couch with your smartphone (iOS and Android compatible), voice command paired with voice assistant speakers such as Alexa, Google Home, Siri, or by the push of a remote control button.

"SmartSlydr is more than just a home product," said Shruti L., a founder and spokesperson of Lychee Things. "It’s a smart home solution created with a balanced fusion of a mechanical, hardware, and software design for your everyday needs. SmartSlydr transforms any home into a true smart home and is ideal for new homeowners, smart home early adopters, the elderly, people with disabilities, and pet owners."

Top features and benefits of SmartSlydr include:

  • Automate Any Sliding Door or Window: Turns your home’s existing sliding doors and windows into an automatic open and close system.
  • Monitor and Operate Remotely: Operate or check on single or multiple windows and doors with a click on the smartphone app from anywhere. You can also get notifications on your smartphone about your home’s door or window activity.
  • Built-in Security – Keeps the doors and windows locked when closed without any extra accessories. The system is also equipped with industry-standard software security protection.
  • Refresh your Home’s Air Quality – Makes it easier to automatically let fresh air into your home once or several times a day with the device’s timer and scheduling features. Ensuring proper ventilation with outside air can help reduce indoor airborne contaminants such as COVID-19.
  • Virtual Pet Care — Transforms your patio door into a pet door with PetPass, a wireless tag that attaches to a pet collar. Ideal for pet owners who may have a cat, dog, or other pet who needs to be let outside daily.
  • Accessibility – Provides easy hands-free control to those who may have difficulty with opening and closing sliding doors and windows such as the elderly, or people with injuries, or disabilities.
  • Easy Installation – No power tools are required and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Lychee Things has launched an Indiegogo campaign, (https://SmartSlydr.com ), to spread awareness about SmartSlydr among consumers and the investment community.


At LycheeThings, while we are introducing our first product SmartSlydr, our team is also developing more innovative smart home products for future releases. Please visit, https://lycheethings.com/.

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