A Manufacturing Plant Built for a Thirsty Customer Base

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bottled water company Pure NZ has built its reputation on a commitment to supply its customers with crisp, clear natural spring water sourced from its home nation of New Zealand. While the brand’s products are popular, though, many remain unaware of the impressive bottling plant that creates them. It is a structure that the company has heavily invested in to ensure that it can get the job done no matter how many thirsty customers it may find demanding its goods.

Pure NZ has been busily bottling spring water from an underground aquifer in Pokeno, New Zealand ever since the brand launched in 2010. Over the last decade, Pure NZ has become a household name throughout its Kiwi homeland. In more recent years, the company has also made a concerted push to bring its highly sought-after products to a larger international audience.

Even so, many don’t realize the size of the operation that stands behind each tiny, clear, blue bottle of H2O. Pure NZ’s factory is built outside of Auckland right over the aquifer that it uses to source its water. The factory itself is a wonder of modern production and automation. On the production side of the ledger, the brand is able to produce as many as 28,000 bottles per hour when it’s firing on all cylinders. This adds up to a staggering 200 million bottles each year.

Of course, the enormous production capacity doesn’t come from individuals filling up bottles of water by hand. The plant utilizes a smorgasbord of innovative automation solutions to keep its production so high. From robotic palletizing to a satellite tracking system, Pure NZ has integrated many cutting-edge technological features into its manufacturing process. To top it all off, the company uses RPET (recycled plastic) bottles that are blown on-site, delivering a unique level of sustainability to what is commonly seen as a pollution-prone product.

Pure NZ’s factory has allowed it to become an industry leader in its home country. The brand has also recently begun a concerted effort to take its aqueous products overseas as it seeks to make inroads into various international markets. While many brands have to carefully plan out the increase in production capacity that such a move might provoke, Pure NZ’s impressive internal manufacturing infrastructure shows that production will hardly be an issue as its brand continues to grow.

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