A Bottled Water Company That Cares

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bottle water consumption has been on the rise for years. As health-conscious consumers continue to turn to bottled beverages for hydration, the question of increased plastic pollution continues to be a concern. New Zealand-based beverage brand Pure NZ offers an effective solution to the problem in the form of its RPET bottles.

The U.S. consumers’ collective love affair with bottled water continues to grow apace. In 2019 the International Bottled Water Association reported that just over 25% of U.S. beverages had consisted of bottled water, which was “the largest beverage category by volume in the United States.”

The pandemic will act as a wild card in the bottled beverage industry as the effects of stockpiling and social distancing will be offset by economic struggles. Regardless of the anomaly of the coronavirus crisis, though, the trend of increased bottled water consumption seems here to stay. This leads to the question: what about all of the plastic being used to bottle the water?

Earthday.org reported that Americans purchase 50 billion water bottles each year. This averages out to roughly 13 bottles per person per month. It’s a serious issue — and one that Pure NZ has been tackling head-on ever since the first day it opened its doors.

The New Zealand-based manufacturer is located just outside of Auckland where it bottles crystal clear spring water directly at the source. While the brand is already lauded for the incredible quality of its natural spring water, there’s another aspect that has fed into the thriving company’s success. Each and every one of Pure NZ’s bottles are made with RPET plastic. In other words, all of Pure NZ’s bottles use recycled plastic.

This has helped the beverage manufacturer stand out in an industry infamous for its rabid consumption of virgin (that is, unrecycled) plastic. Pure NZ has been committed to providing a quality product to consumers for over a decade now. However, it’s absolutely worthy of note that, over that time, the company has also refused to budge one iota on its commitment to sustainability, as well.

As its operation has grown and manufacturing demand has increased, Pure NZ has stubbornly continued to remain sustainable throughout its bottled water production. It’s a commitment that is likely to continue to help the company’s already impressive overseas growth in the months and years ahead.

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