81Tree Services of Tampa Florida Offering Veteran Discounts

TAMPA, Fla., April 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 81Tree Services of Tampa, Florida has announced they will offer veteran discounts moving forward. The discounts apply to residential and commercial properties that require tree-cutting services. In addition to tree removal services, 81Tree is also a certified arborist, licensed and insured, and provides assistance to areas throughout the South West Florida region.

“We are very proud of our veteran’s discount option and we have been a veteran-friendly company for years. There are well over 1 million veterans who live in this state alone and because of that, we felt that this was an offer that needed to be made, especially for homeowners who need assistance with tree removal or cutting services. Each year, Florida has to deal with several hurricanes and getting trees trimmed or cut down before storm season is very important as it provides protection for properties and other trees in the area as well,” said an 81Tree Services Representative.

The company is launching this promotion now to encourage the use of tree-cutting services before hurricane season begins this summer. Last year, Florida was impacted by hurricanes that caused major damage throughout the state. Preventative measures on properties include tree removal services, adding shutters to cover windows that do not impact windows, adding roof tie-downs and more. These precautions and others have been proven to cut down on the damage many properties see during storms and can also protect residents.

“Floridians know all about storms and last year was just like any other. However, I think with the information available now, we can work a little harder on doing preventative work, especially before the season begins. Our hope is that people do not wait too long for tree removal services and take the time to do it now when it is still cooler out.”

81Tree Services specializes in tree removal and cutting services. They are licensed and insured, serving the Tampa, Florida area for several years. Along with tree removal, the company also has a certified arborist and will work with local governments on all permit requirements. Because of the requirements of each property, it’s important that all regulations are meant while the work is completed safely. If you would like to learn more about these services or how to qualify for the veteran’s discount, please contact – Pedro Hernandez,
, 813-997-7719

SOURCE 81Tree Services